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Full hysterectomy

Hi all I'm new here,I'm on waiting list for full hysterectomy,I just wanted any bodies stories about there ops and their experiences after.I'm only 37 and have 3 children.I'm having the operation done for suspected adenomyosis have had laps done to rule out other problems have suffered 3 years of terrible pelvic pains and periods from hell.any comments welcome,thanks for reading 😊

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I'm almost 8 wks po from a total hysterectomy and radical excision of endometriosis. I also had adenomyosis. I was 1 wk past my 39th birthday and had exhausted all other treatments and procedures. The minute I woke up I could feel that all the pain had gone despite the op pain. During recovery I have felt the best I have felt for a long time. It was definitely the best decision I have ever made.



I'm the same age as Amshell and had the same procedures. Only 1 week post op (performed laparoscopically) and can already feel benefits.

I 'd forgotten how my body felt prior to adeno/endo developing but am reminded now of the lightness and lack of pain.

Recovery is as expected. Managing soreness with paracetamol and ibuprofen but to be honest I'm forgetting to take them regularly as it's really not that bad.

It's true when they say you'll be very tired and the longest I've been downstairs is a few hours, then I was ready to come back to bed.

I hope your experience is a positive one too!

Best wishes x


I had TAH BSO on 18/8/16 and had a very positive experience also :) (I wrote a detailed account if you are interested, just click on my name and scroll back and you'll find it )

Afterwards, rest is really important as well as regular gentle walking and good nutrition. How old are your children? Do you have help at home?

Mine uterus was found to have cancererous cells so I'm obviously very grateful it was found and to be cancer free now 😊

Best wishes, I hope you don't have a long wait 😊

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Hi 👋

I'm almost 4 weeks post op after having total hysterectomy and bowel repair. I had 21cm vertical incision due to 2 large masses. Stayed in hospital for 4 days. First few days were hard, I suggest you keep on top of your pain relief, drink lots of water and take lactulose twice a day.

Feel great now and doing little jobs around the home. Sat and ironed yesterday which made me feel great, although I tried ironing standing up for 30 mins, 19 days post op and started bleeding which scared me. Too soon!

Everyday is different for me some days I'm full of energy whilst others I'm not Listen to your body and get lots of rest.

I do something everyday now and take lots of rest in between. But I do realise that I can't do everything like I used to and really do need to rest.

I do believe it's the best thing that happened to me, to not be in constant pain and bleed everyday.

This site is great as it's actual lovely people that have been through it. Get lots of advice.

I hope all goes well for you and I wish you have a speedy recovery.

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