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Need advice from one of you lovely ladies

Hi I have today joined the group.

I need a little advice and feel this is the place 😀

I have been for my pre op today. Operation was scheduled for 3rd Dec, I have endometriosis, fibroid, chocolate cysts, kissing ovaries adhesions and now 2 masses. My bowel is joined to my bladder. All this was told to me 4 years ago

I was told that the operation could not take place at the weekend as there were no bowel surgeons around.

I was also told there was a possibility I may need to have a colostomy bag fitted. Possibly temporary. Could someone please tell me why this might be the case and if anyone else has had one. How it felt etc.

I thought I was coping very well until I heard this news and then I went to pieces.

I am a strong person usually but I am in bits for the fear of having one of these fitted.

I'm now waiting to be told of a new date to have operation.

Thank you

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Good morning Catsis 😊

You have got a lot on your plate, no wonder you are stressed and anxious 😕

I have little experience of endo or adhesions, so cannot offer any words of wisdom I'm afraid. However, I do believe the surgeons know what they're doing and we have to have faith in them 😊 My whole experience has been a very positive one, from my GP to hospital admission, surgery and post op follow up.

With regards to colostomy bag, it must be a very scary and worrying prospect, but from what I have seen the issue is dealt with sympathetically and discreetly by all the hospital staff. There was a lovely lady in when I had my hysterectomy and she had a stoma care team that helped and supported her through out. 😊

I know it's difficult but try to focus on how much better you will feel afterwards, our bodies are wonderful things that recover and heal themselves. If you can I would also try to get as fit and healthy as you can prior to surgery, good nutrition and gentle exercise, to give yourself every advantage.

Thinking of you

Very best wishes


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Thank you 😊 😘


I had exactly the same news. My bowel was stuck and I also needed a bowel surgeon present. I think they have to tell you the worst case scenario.

I had my op 5 weeks ago now. The first few weeks were a struggle I will admit but now every day is better.

I hope you are not waiting too long. Good luck.


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Oh my goodness thank you so much 😊 how are you now? Did they take everything away?

I am in next Friday so fingers crossed everything will be okay. Keep on recovering chel69 so that you are okay for santa 🎅🏻 😘


Yes. Everything gone! Feeling better every day. Although do feel pulling and cramping if I do too much. Hope your Op goes well. Hopefully santa will be good to me this year.

Have a lovely xmas. Keep well.


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