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Hysterectomy recovery

Hi ladies

When the doctors and nurses say do nothing after surgery they literally mean nothing.

Had my clips and stitches removed yesterday (op was 26/10/16). Wound not fully healed being held together by steri strips.

This won't happen to all of you. It is more common with a vertical incision.

The nurse has told me to sit and read or watch TV and move only to go to the toilet.

Hadn't been doing anything I haven't meant to be either.

Just enjoy the rest and be careful

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Hope the steri strips help 😊 You are absolutely right it's soimportant to rest, 😊 I spent most of the first 4 weeks in bed 😊

Hope you are taking it easy 😊 Happy healing


Found at big book to read which is keeping me out of trouble xx

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Glad to hear it 😊



I too had a vertical incision from belly button to pubic bone on 5th Oct. No clips or drains, just covered in a dressing for 9 days. Dissolvable stitches used. Last scab fell off yesterday and scar looks healed. First 2.5 weeks rested most of the time, only getting up for the toilet etc but then started short walks, out to garden to start with and then longer distances each day. Now just after 4 weeks I am up to 2.8 miles. Looking back I wouldn't have thought this possible lying there resting and trying to cope with wind lol.

Trying to get as fit as I can before I start chemo next week. Wishing you a speedy recovery.


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Hello Lynne65 😊 I've just been reading your story, what a time you have had! I'm glad you are healing and getting fit prior to chemo 😊 My uterus also had cancer, and one ovary was 'pre-cancerous' so I'm waiting for a CT scan πŸ˜• Surgeon confident he got everything but waiting for CT scan is tough . . . I went to GP in July with a bad back so I'm still in a state of shock!!

Best wishes and good luck with chemo 😊


Thanks healthunlocked.com/user/Anna61

I hope you don't have to wait too long for your scan. Let us know how you get on.

It is so good to talk to people who are going through the same thing and at such speed! No matter how supportive family and friends are (and mine have been out of this world) they simply cannot comprehend what is going on in your head.

Best wishes and big hugs xx

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And to you Lynne65 😊❀️😊


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