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After sub total

Well the op is over with sub total with ovary removal.

Had morphine until 5pm Thursday then just paracetamol and ibuprofen.

Drain and cathered removed but have trapped wind not really slept all night.

Wound is vertical and higher up than they wanted it to be but the gremlin is no more.

No bowel movement yet but once that happens can go home.

Not no where near as bad as I thought and feeling better already.

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I had awful wind about 36 hours after my op, it's not nice is it! I hadn't had a bowel movement before I left hospital but the doctor listened to my growling stomach with her stethoscope and said because it was making all the right noises I could go home anyway!! I asked if I could be prescribed lactulose to take home with me, which they did do and that did the trick after a couple of doses!

I hope you soon get home. Sleeping in your own bed is bliss



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