Hysterectomy done

Had my total abdominal hysterectomy on Wed 26.10.2016.

Can't say it was easy. Terrible pain coming back from theatre but had a morphine driver. Didn't see much of that day. Woke today (thursday) to find I have to go back to theatre as they cannot remove the drain!!

Will keep you informed. I'm feeling OK other than dizzy and tired. Onwards and upwards.

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  • Oh no. I was just wondering how you were getting on. I hope things are sorted now and you start to feel better soon. Keep us posted. xx

  • Oh no hope you feel better afterwards I'm 7 days post op ( hysterectomy) I have been fine except unusual anxiety stronger than before and constant eye pain since surgery

  • You can get anxiety/panic type feelings as part of the menopause, especially just as I'm falling asleep 😕 I try to tell myself it's not real, take a few deep breaths and try to relax. Knowing it's a symptom of the menopause helped me worry slightly less about it. 😊

  • Overit15, when you say you have eye pain, what do you mean please? I am 9 days post op for hysterectomy and have bouts of blurry vision - I had trouble with my varifocal glasses from time to time before the op, but now it's even worse!

  • It feels like sand and really dry not sure if it's hormones as I still have ovaries or if it's gas? But it is scaring me?

  • I hope your feeling ok post op and the blurry vision subsides ...!

  • Overit15, I feel amazing post-op and everyone I see tells me how well I'm looking - although I hadn't thought I'd looked too bad beforehand actually!! As for my eyesight - after reading your comments and thinking about it a bit more, I have a feeling it may just be where I'm spending more time watching TV and staring at my phone screen while I'm recuperating!!

    Good luck to your in your recovery xx

  • Glad to hear your doing well and yeah I feel great except my damn eyes I never had eye problems before and I have read that maybe me hormones are abit buggered after op and ovaries may not have kicked back in since surgery so time will tell ...!

  • I've got no ovaries anymore, so I'm experiencing the occasional hot flush as the menopause kicks in - but thankfully none too bad yet! I've just had my first trip out since the op for coffee and a walk round Tesco with a friend. My legs are so tired now, but it was great to get out into the real world! xx

  • Aww that's good to hear you got out :-) I did shopping with my daughters 4 days post op and it was too much too soon for me .. The one thing I've noticed is I was very teary prior the surgery now I have watched every sad show in my house and have no emotions lol

  • Oh no! How awful having to go back to theatre! 😕 Hope by now everything is sorted? Best wishes and get well soon 😊

  • Well ladies. Didn't have to go back to theatre luckily. Managed to remove drain. On iv antibiotics now. Feeling pretty rough.. Hopefully in a few days I will be feeling better.

    The wind pains have been terrible. Nothing seems to be moving it. Did anyone experience terrible back pain after op???

  • Chel69 sorry to hear your having a rough time :-( and yes I am 9 days post op and terrible wind pains and lower back pain ...! Have you tried peppermint tea for the gas and I found putting a pillow under my knees in bed helped with the back pain ...! Speedy recovery coming your way I hope xx I'm having a heavy feeling while passing water and walking around !!! But I take it that's part of the healing also ...! Best of luck x

  • Sounds like you've had a rough time. Hope you are on the mend soon.

    I also had lower back pain initially post op. I found a pillow under my knees helped a lot too.


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