Back in pain again

I really thought I'd turned the corner and was well and truly on the road to feeling normal again. For the past week I've had a horrible pain in my right side and down my leg (very similar to what it used to be like during ovulation). Sitting down just aggravates it terribly. Lying in bed this morning I could feel a lump that moved and rolled when pushed in the same area so I went back into see my surgeon today. He doesn't think it's anything sinister but off for a CT scan on Saturday. Sat in the car and cried before going home. It's been a long, long three months ... broken ankle, DVT, full hysterectomy and now more pain. He thinks it may just be a section of my bowel I can feel. Never felt it before though. This pain is horrible - thought all that was now behind me. Maybe it's just me thinking I'm ok and doing too much too soon .... 2017 is going to be a pain free, great year!

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  • Oh no. Can you get more time off work to rest up? Maybe it was too much too soon. The pain that I had a few weeks ago was not like the pains I used to have before. It felt like a pulled muscle and got better after a few days of taking it very easy. Your pain doesn't really sound the same. I'm sure I just tweaked something when I rolled over in bed. It's great that you could get in to see your surgeon and that they are going to investigate. Take it easy. I really hope the pain settles soon. xx

  • Only working three days a week for the rest of the year, so hopefully that will give me enough rest in between days. Thanks ladies for you thoughts. Really appreciate them xx

  • So sorry you have further complications 😕 Thinking of you, good luck for Saturday

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