Healing slowly

It's now 3.5 weeks post op and I'm mending slowly. Still needing to rest if I do too much but coping with more and more. Yesterday I managed a 10 min drive without coming home exhausted. Also walked around the shops for 2 hours but was shaking and exhausted after that. The week before I only managed half an hour before needing to rest. Any pushing/pulling still aggravates as does bumpy car rides. My dogs are happy though as I can now lift them into the bed (little Maltese fluffy slippers).

The most exciting bit is my bladder!!! It works! No more running to the loo before it runs down my leg, no more excruciating pain when it has something in it, no more getting up multiple times in the night. It's heaven!

The menopausal symptoms have been manageable and haven't needed to take any HRT yet. Fingers crossed it doesn't get any worse.

Have two more weeks off work and looking forward to them. Still couldn't manage a full day (special needs teacher) but every day feeling better. So glad I've had this done.

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  • Glad all is going well 😊 The tiredness does get easier 😊 Remember- no hoovering!!! Lol 😂

  • Definitely!!! Or mopping... or mowing lawns ... or carrying the shopping in ... or pushing the shopping trolley .... my mother in law told me yesterday to make to most of it as I'd never get another decent excuse for rest again!

  • Absolutely no washing up either . . . 😂😂😂

  • Glad to hear you are recovering well. I am three and a half weeks post surgery now too and feeling quite good. I'm still taking painkillers morning and night but managing to do more each day. I have taken the children to school and collected them myself a few times now. I still haven't got out for a walk with my dog and she is getting spayed tomorrow so it'll be a few weeks then before she's allowed out anyway. We can just snuggle up and feel sorry for each other.

    You are going back to work very soon. I am a midwife and I have been told minimum 12 weeks following hysterectomy before I should go back. I hope you get on ok. Remember your health comes first so listen to your body and stop if it feels like it's too much.

    I could be remembering wrong but I thought my consultant said I was never to do any housework ever again! That's what I'm telling my husband anyway.


  • Glad all going well and you doing a bit more as time goes on. Bet your really relieved and pleased about the bladder issues, fab news. Take care xx

    I'm loving all you ladies and your points about no housework, sounds like a good plan to keep it going for as long as possible, not sure how gullible hubby and 17 year old daughter will be thou but I'm still getting out of hoovering, lifting heavy things and carrying food shop in from online delivery and getting hubby to do diy jobs in house saying "I would do it if I could" 😉 Xx

  • Just wondering if you've gone back to work yet and how you're getting on post-op? I'm due to have a hysterectomy and also work in special needs. The nurse I saw in my pre-op assessment this week said that due to nature of my job in special needs - manual handling & team teach - I should take 3 months off work!

  • Hi

    Like your nurse! At my two week check up my doctor told me I could lift and do anything I wanted (except sex for 8 weeks) but if it hurt - don't. This certainly hasn't been the case. I'm due to go back on Monday and very apprehensive about it. Thankfully I've only got one young lady in a wheelchair but there is no way I could lift her right now or even support her with her jerky CP movements. Finding sitting for long periods is the worst. Thankfully I'm moving most of the day, but first day back we have a full day of training and I'm dreading it. Lifted something heavy 20cm three days ago and still in pain.

    Will let you know how I get on! Good luck with your op.


  • Good luck to you too! Meant to say as well that when I go back to my school I've been told by HR that I'lk have a phased return rather than straight back in. Hope that's happening with you too. One of our therapists came back this week after a hysterectomy in August and she's working mornings only.

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