Scared and worried post hysterectomy

Hi girls, hope you all are having pain free week. I had my total hysterectomy my endo was cleaned,while operating Dr found my left urethra was damage so they put stent to repair the damage. Stent would be taken out after 5 weeks I was better for 2 days only,had UTI with temperature was on IV antibiotic for 5 days so in total I was 10 days in hospital all my scanning was also done, all report normal,yesterday I was discharge. still I don't feel like my self,body pain fatigue and I also feel pain under my both arms pit sore having painfull lump, night I was chilled and then started to shiver.mid night I was sweating. Don't understand what is going on,is there any one who could help me please and give advice on what is happening to me and what should I do.

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  • Go back to the hospital- you may still have an infection. The lump and chills concern me. Sounds like your immune system is fighting something. Hope you feel better soon.

  • How are you feeling now tasnim ? Did you speak to a doctor? I agree it sounds like an infection 😕 Hope you got some help

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