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Advice needed regarding bladder function after catheter removal


I wonder ladies here could help me on this. I didn't have hysterectomy but had laparoscopy to remove extensive endometriosis. The consultant has to remove some of the bladder tissue and I was left with the catheter for 18 days. I just had it removed today.

However I don't feel the need to go, when passing urine it trickles and takes a long time. Is it normal? I presume the bladder is a bit sluggish due to operation and catheter?

Many thanks.

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Good morning Stellauk

I'm sorry I have no experience of this, I know it can take a while after catheterisation to regain bladder control, maybe you need a little bit more time?

I hope someone else can help you. If not, can you phone someone to ask?

Best wishes 😊

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I had a full hysterectomy three weeks ago. The endometriosis was in/on everything and cysts had engulfed my kidney and urethra. Since having the most exciting bit is my bladder now works!! It has taken some getting used to. Low pressure when I wee instead of coming out in and urgent rush, can last the night without getting up a few times, holds more than a trickle and no pain just before I go. Feels totally different. The it's only been the past few days that it's been feeling right. I know I had a lot of endometriosis removed from it ... give it time. Everything inside has been pushed around and "beaten" up. Good luck. Hope you're feeling better.

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