4 weeks post op

I think I have a bladder infection. Really painful everytime I go to pass water. Feels so tender and sore around my bladder area. Also started bleeding again. Made an appintment with my Dr for this afternoon. See what they come back with. Belly is so bloated and swollen all the time. Heart broken to hear I only have a few months before my wedding dress fitting too. Things can only get better am sure well am hoping x

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  • Aww poor u hope u feel better soon xx

  • Thanks lovely. Hope your well x

  • I'm not so good Hun two periods a month has come back and doctor won't do anything I'm so fed up Hun flaming endo sucks like

  • Aww hun thats not good at all.... you have been thro so much too. Make monday your priority to stand your ground get a appointment with your doctor and seek some action. No one really knows the pain your going thro only yourself. I had all this for years but i was the lucky one. Not to put it on myself but i am glad i was stage 4 for them to take notice. Hope you get the answers hun really soon x

  • Don't worry I'm going back to doctors on Monday and I will stand my ground when I had my lap they only told me my endo was moderate I don't no what moderate means as in stages for endo but I'm only guessing that my endo is stage 3 how did u get on at the doctors xx

  • Well good luck today.... they didn't tell me my stage till last min. Actually now u come to think of it the gyno was talking to me about coils and other deep that I didn't need. Then within a few mins of her walking out to get my up to date medical file she came back with a whole different approach. I really do think some doctors don't have a clue of the seriousness of endo and how bloody painful it is. Frustrates me to hear how so many have slipped thro the loop and not had better care. America have it right. Endo now is as big as the big C. And is reconised to be as serious. My doc out me on antibiotics. She hurt me too when she stabbed me. I must be very inflamed and swollen. I am not a soft person and she brought me to tears. Felt so embarrassed. Hopefully there tablets will work. Let me know how you get on him and very of luck xxx

  • Thank you Hun yeah I will do Hun hope u get better soon xx

  • grrr predictive txt... excuse the mis type words lol x

  • its ok hun my phone does it to xc

  • Well was a waste of time phoning doctors fobbed me off again and I stood my ground and told them straight no giving up that easy neither i am Hun xx

  • Sorry to hear you not feeling too good. How did you get on at doctors? Xx

  • Thanks Sarah. Had a swab test. Felt like a hot pocker so definitly got a infection. Was in years the pain was that bad. She's put me on antibiotics so hopefully it will clear up soon. Are you ok? X

  • Doesn't sound nice. Hope the antibiotics do the trick and you start to feel better soon.

    I'm ok thanks, still get tired and sore if do a bit too much like putting a small load of washing on the line to dry. Saw my consultant for first time since op on Tuesday just gone (op was 6 weeks ago tomorrow) and he explained that there were loads of adhesions, so much so that when he went in he couldn't see my uterus, and then on pathology they found extensive adenomyosis, so he had removed everything and got rid of all adhesions so hopefully that will be it.

    Take care xx

  • Oh Hun I'm sorry to hear that. What did doc say?

  • Hi Jean. Well the doctor examined. Prodding my stomach was painful. She took a swab down there and it felt like a hit poker... she brought me to tears it was that painful. She's put me on antibiotics Again. Think she was a little surprised with how much pain I was in during the swab. Am ok now. Just hoping these tablets work.

    How are you keeping Jean x

  • I hope the tablets work too.

    Not been too good lately, getting a lot of pain. If anything it's worse now than before op. I honestly believe he's not removed the underlying disease just the adhesions. Wish my appointment for second opinion would hurry up, just to know that I've got a date would be nice, but I know these things take time. So just trying to muddle through. I'll get there.

    Take things easy Hun. I'm here if you need me.

  • Thanks Jean. Awww poor you. Two steps forward and 4 back ey. Mist be so frustrating. Heres hopimg you wont be waiting to long. My pains is to do with the healing process. Only hoping that am fit and well soon. Talecare lovely and keep me posted on your progress. Hopefully you will get the answers you've been waiting for. X

  • Sorry to hear you not too hood Jean. Hopefully get some answers when you see the new consultant. Take care xx

  • I had a big blip during week four 😕 Thought I was healed and I obviously wasn't 😕 Sore tired and swollen 😕 Just try to take it easy, plenty of rest and fluids, you will get better, it just takes time to heal 😕

    Thinking of you ❤️ Best wishes Hun xx

  • Awww your the same as me.... best wishes to you to hun x

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