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Results back today after hysterectomy

Went and had my followup appointment today - two weeks post op. The surgeon showed me some photos of the mess I had inside. Incredible - know why I was in pain now! Endometriosis stuck to everything - bowel, bladder, uterus, appendix, kidneys .... The cysts on my ovaries were massive - about 12cm in diameter. The ovaries were "kissing" as he said. Normally they are small compared to the uterus. All my internal organs had been pushed out of place and he said it took him hours to just "unglue" me before he could even start taking bits out! Incredible surgeon - managed to to it all via key hole and that's been a huge blessing. Starting to feel human again and walking normally. Just getting tired after too long on my feet and an hours rest or so fixes that. Still getting pain similar to what I was feeling pre op but I guess it's only been two weeks and things are still settling down. Feeling very blessed that I had such a good surgeon who opted to take his time and do it slowly and carefully rather than just doing a full cut.

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So glad everything is going well 😊 I still get abdominal pain if I do too much, think it's a sign you need to rest 😊 Good luck and very best wishes 😊

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Hi, so glad all going well for you and you are starting to feel human again. I am 5 weeks post TLH, BSO and extensive adhesiolysis. I still get tired but like you I rest and then feel better.

Take care and I wish you a continued good recovery xx

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