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Wait finally over

Hysterectomy next month and I'm so scared.

Been waiting over a year for my operation. Been told by gynaecology that I need open surgery. I also have to have a bowel surgeon present as a lot of my endo is attached to my bowel.

I'm scared stupid. How will I feel?

Did anyone experience wind pain?

How long were you off work?

What about menopausal symptoms? Having ovaries removed.

Please can someone give me some real advice and what to expect.


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Hello Chel69

The waiting is the hardest part so I feel your frustration 😕 But not long now 😊

All hospitals and surgeons are different but I had a good experience. if you click on my name I wrote a detailed account of my stay in hospital if you're interested 😊

I am 4 weeks post op and doing fine, still get tired but minimal pain and healing well.

The best thing you can do is work on your general health and fitness prior to surgery. 😊

Good luck ❤️


Thank for replying Anna.

I'm terrified but after I read positive stories it does put me at ease.

Sounds like you are healing well and taking your time. Keep in touch.xxxx.x

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Yes, I'm doing fine but it does take time 😕 My hubby is great and my children are all grown up and helpful too, but the the tiredness takes some getting used to 😊


Please try not to worry. It won't be as bad as you imagine. I had a hysterectomy and tubes and ovaries removed 11 days ago and also required a colorectal surgeon to separate adhesions and remove endo from my bowel. I also had to have my appendix removed. Everyone in the hospital was lovely. They explained everything clearly to me and they made sure I was comfortable and had everything I needed.

I had open surgery and I did get some wind pain and shoulder pain. It only lasted a few days and I was given peppermint oil capsules to help it. I also had laxido to help with bowel movements but that has been absolutely fine.

I have had days when I've been sore and emotional but, on the whole, so far, the recovery has not been bad. I started tibolone hrt two days after surgery. I guess it's too early yet to comment on menopausal symptoms but I've certainly had none so far.

I work 12.5 hour shifts as a midwife so I was advised to take 12 weeks off work. It very much depends on how you feel and what sort of job you do.

You've waited so long for this. It will all be worth it.

Take care.

Kirsty xxx


Thanks Kirsty

I am a hairdresser and I have been told to take 12 weeks off too.

I'm so anxious about it and I am trying to not think about it but it's so hard.

It's nice to hear from people who have been through it and come out the other side.

Take care

Michelle.x. x

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I had my hysterectomy (both ovaries and tubes too) a fortnight ago today. 3 large cysts (10cm +) wrapped around kidneys, endo adhesions stuck to bowel, bladder, kidneys etc .... big mess apparently. My surgeon was amazing and managed to do it all via keyhole. Spent about 3 hours on the table as he "unglued" me! Find out tomorrow what the cysts were and how bad things really were.

The past fortnight has been interesting! The first five days were the worst. Once I was able to give up the strong pain killers and my bowels settled down life was much happier. I am now finding that I am able to do most things except lift anything heavier than the kettle, stretch up high, housework and be on my feet for more than a few hours. Still haven't started driving yet and being in the car for more than 15 minutes becomes exhausting. All in all healing well and I feel so much better for not having those huge cysts and endo strangling my insides. The doctor prescribed an oestrogen replacement patch for me to deal with the instant menopause (I'm 47). I haven't used them yet. Had a few hot flushes but nothing horrible or different to what I've been feeling for years. Moods / emotions seem normal and happy enough. My ovaries were so stuffed they probably gave up doing anything useful years ago! Main pain I'm feeling now is no different to what I felt before having it - like a bad period pain. Haven't needed any pain killers for a few days now.

Good luck! Everyone I've spoken to a few years down the track says its the best thing they've ever done!!


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