Four weeks post op

Four weeks TAH BSO and doing well 😊 Incision healing well, abdominal pain minimal, except when I need the toilet, and even this is getting easier 😊 I'm still eating prunes and drinking water but increasing activity is also helping this side of things.

I can walk a mile, and although I get tired afterwards, I am slowly increasing how far I walk each day. I can manage most household chores but still not hoovering or anything strenuous like changing beds πŸ˜•

I do still get tired, it really is like hitting a wall, and all I can do is lie down for 30 minutes or so until it passes. πŸ˜•

I only need paracetamol occasionally after a longer than usual walk or I have been on my feet too long.

So, altogether, I feel I'm doing well, my body has healed itself well, but I now understand the phrase "you can't rush healing" and also see why the recommended recovery time is 6 weeks.

How are other people getting on KA410

sarahgregory Broderskim39 ?

Hope everyone is healing well 😊 I have been told I won't get a post op check up, has anyone else had one? Also have you recieve the pathology report? I was told 4 weeks minimum for this πŸ˜•

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  • Hi Anna. I'm glad to hear you are recovering well and taking it easy. I am now eight days post TAH and BSO and appendicectomy. I also had a lot of endometriosis removed from my small intestine which was all fused together. I think I am recovering well. I got out of hospital on Monday and spent a few days at my parents house being looked after. They were doing everything for my daughters and cooking my meals etc. I came home to my own house yesterday (although my mum and dad are only a few hundred yards along the road) and have been managing fine so far. The staples are out of my wound and it looks to be healing ok. The nurse did give me a course of antibiotics though as she thought it looked a little flushed. I am just taking paracetamol for pain except at bedtime when I take cocodamol to ensure I sleep comfortably. I was very nervous of my bowels moving but that has been absolutely fine. All in all it has not been as bad as I imagined it would be. I am taking it easy, having lots of rest, and accepting loads of help from my mum and dad and my sister who also lives close-by.

    Hope everyone else is doing ok.

    Kirsty xx

  • I was told I would get an appointment with the consultant in 6-8 weeks and would get all pathology results then. x

  • So glad everything went well and you are healing well 😊 It's very difficult to rest and take it easy as you start to heal but it is important 😊 How old are your girls?

  • Kiera is 7 and Emma is 5. They are being very good at doing as much as they can for themselves but they are still quite little. x

  • Oh yes, quite young yet , bless them helping you ❀️ Lucky you have family support. My friend who is s nurse says ABSOLUTELY no hoovering, lifting or changing beds for six full weeks . . Other little jobs as you feel fit 😊 My hubby is great, and my 22 yr old daughter back home after Uni so she is my taxi driver😊 Have a good weekend, take care xx

  • Hi Anna, so glad you are doing well. You seem to be doing everything by the book which I think is definitely the way to heal and recover well first time 😊

    I was 4 weeks post op yesterday. I saw the physio last week who said I was healing and recovering well going by what I told her I was doing and she gave me a few more exercises to do. I am not due to see my consultant for the first time since op until a week on Tuesday (about 5.5 weeks post op). I had a letter about 2 weeks post op which gave me my pathology results in brief but will go through it all when I see him.

    Have been getting out every day for a walk and have been out a couple of days with my mum and family for something different to do and like you just maxed sure I rested if felt tired.

    All the best for your continued good recovery xx

  • That's good you are healing well 😊 It just takes time doesn't it?

    Best wishes for continued recovery xx

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