Having a good day

Not feeling to bad today

True what some of you ladies have said about having good days and bad

Rested alot yesterday and i think that has helped. Just cant seem to help myself when it comes to getting involved with the cooking etc learnt not to lift anything heavy up tho. Stomach still feels very much inside.

My dad bought me some Sanatogen tonic wine... apparently it has alot of iron in it. So that my excuse to finish the bottle off today lol.

I've been to and from the toilet all last night but least my bowels seem to be working fine. Going to a party Saturday night with the family... if it was up to them they would take me in a straight jacket so i didn't move but i am gonna dress up and glam up Saturday i will take it easy but the odd little dance wont kill me.

My next appointment to see my specialist is Feb which i suppose is all good news. I am waiting for the dreaded surgical menopause to kick in now tho at full throttle but these little hot sweats i can handle. Although every night at bedtime i must admit the Fan is on full throttle till morning lol.

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  • Glad you are feeling better. Behave yourself at the weekend! Not too much dancing! Are you not taking any HRT?

  • Yea am on the hrt have been for over 8months now. And I will lol x

  • Glad you are feeling better, resting really works!! 😊

    I went to a party also at 2+ weeks and loved it, it really gave me a boost so enjoy 😊

    Take care Hun xx

  • Glad you feeling good. Rest before the party, then enjoy the party and do what you can and then rest the next day. Xx

  • Thank you Sarah took your advice and fully enjoyed the night resting inbetween slow dances x

  • Glad you had a good time, it's nice to do something normal since op isn't it? Seen ur post below, hope the antibiotics work and your wound heals. Take care xx

  • Thanks hun. Can't believe am on antibiotics due to a open wound seeping. Just my luck lol x

  • You ok Hun?

  • Yes Jean thanks for asking

    Just my luck tho ey

    Just the one wound that is seeping out of 5

    Had a lovely time all the same last night at the party and rested best i could. Still havent stopped bleeding tho so went the doctors thurs. They took some swabs and getting back to me in the week. maybe a infection but over all i am feeling fine just a little tierd.

    How are you Jean x

  • Been in a lot of pain this week. Consultant phoned me Wednesday and admitted that he hadn't removed the endo from bowel as he wasn't confident enough. Can't believe it's taken six months for him to admit it.

    I now believe all he did was the hysterectomy and removed the adhesions but left the underlying disease.

    Have spoken to GP who is referring me to a different centre of my choice. Once I have my notes and can prove that he has left disease I'm considering taking legal action. When I saw him before op he stated there would be a bowel surgeon present should they be needed, this wasn't the case. Had I known that I would never of had the surgery.

    I'm glad you've been to docs. Hopefully you can get it sorted.

    Take care Hun.

  • Hi Jean

    I am shocked Just dam right shocked that you got lied too and to think he is a professional

    cant believe you was lied too. Just as well you are a strong lady and fought for many months to get to the bottom of this.

    He should be struck off completely

    as if the procedure isn't stressful enough

    I really am angry Hun and glad your gonna taken legal procedures you've been through a lot

    Dont waste anytime hun in taken this action you deserve.

    Where did you have the surgery hun?

  • Oh no!! Could explain why you were feeling so tired 😕 Hope they kick in soon and you start to feel better 😊 😊😊

  • Thanks Anna

    I had a good time yesterday at the party and rested best i could. xx

  • Hope the antibiotics are kicking in? Glad you enjoyed the party 😊

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