how is everyone today

Hi Ladies how is everyone today...

I am half way thro my injections now after having a total hysterectomy and BSO Thursday last week. I noticed i didn't have much pain with the gas release out of my upper shoulders. I think that peppermint tea really helped. I had around 4 cups of this after the op whilst in hospital and also had peppermint gum.

Been sleeping alot today but managed to see my son off to school with a little help of my partner driving me there.

I must say tho there isn't much communication with my specialist and doctor. Wanting my medical history updated for my doctor for forwarded meds and sick note they didn't have a clue i had my op on Thursday...

Had to go thro to the whole history again so i could get the same painkillers the hospital gave me.

Also was surprised that the hospital don't supply sick notes now so if you lovely ladies are due to be going in soon for a op let your doctor know first.

Besides from that i have been fine... my cuts on my stomach five of them are bruising over now and feeling a little itchy. Had another shower yesterday as i feel a bath maybe to much at the min. Once home i phoned my out of hours doctors and was nice to know i now have a district nurse who will give me my daily injections to stop me from clotting but i did have to ask for one. Main reason because i wasn't confident to inject myself. She changed my dressings too.

Hope this is useful info anyway...

Enjoy your evening ladies hopefully you are pain free tonight x

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  • I find that hard to believe as hospital gave me a sick note to hand to my work after I had my op all I had to do was hand my letter into the doctor after I was discharged from hospital glad that ur feeling bit better Hun xx

  • No its true hun.... i meant the hospital doesnt give u a sick note now. I've had a discharge letter but when I had my op last year I got a sick note too. Alot has changed now. so have to wait a few days for my doctor to sort it out for me.

  • Must of just changed it Hun as I had my op last year to Hun xx

  • Wasn't first thing on my list to phone the doctors once I was home. Oh well another failed systom x

  • Sounds like it I'm in bed trying to get comfy I'm hurting like hell massaged my stomach drinking loads of water xx

  • Try a hot water bottle followed by a pillow under your feet whilst in bed. Nothing worse hun. Hope you manage to get a good nights sleep. All else fails have a coco drink made with hot milk x

  • done that hun I slept on the heat pad and had hot cocco with hot milk helped me sleep xx

  • Glad you are feeling so good and optimistic 😊 You are doing great! Also glad you have nurse coming in, I don't know how I would go with self injecting πŸ˜•

    I am doing good, 18 days and healing well 😊 Managed to go a 50th birthday on Saturday, very enjoyable, I am still tired, but it was worth it 😊 I am managing 2 or 3 ten minute walks a day, hoping to increase this to 15 minutes by the end of the week 😊 Wind is still an issue, but I'm off all painkillers which is good 😊 We are on the road to recovery! Yay 😊 Best wishes x

  • We certainly are hun Really made up for you... keep up the good work hun xxx

  • Hi Hun I think you just have to ask hospital for sick note. When I had mine in March they didn't give me one so I just asked and they sorted it out. Glad you're ok.

  • No Jean that the first thing i asked and they said they don't give them out no more... i did get a discharge letter so i've handed that into the doctors... hopefully today i will receive it but had a set back today. Just post op pain, feels like i am on a painful period. Nothing to alarming tho as i still feel well and one of the lucky ones x Hope your ok Jean when do you see your gp again x

  • Oh no, 😒 Hope you manage to get pain relief sorted πŸ˜• Nothing worse 😒

    After a late night at a friends 50th on Saturday, I have been in bed most of the time since. Today I woke up with minimal pain, minimal gas, swelling reduced and bleeding stopped. It might be coincidence but maybe it true that the best way to heal is rest rest and more rest πŸ˜•

    Thinking of you x

  • Thank you Anna

    yep so true.. well my body as been over tired lately and as soon as i hit that pillow am out like a night. My bladder wakes me more often then not tho so know i am functioning naturally. Just that horrible withdrawn period pain feeling as tho i am due to have a heavy one. I've been taken my little boy to school and some of the mums have gave me that look. lol. Its hard to switch off tho especially if your so use to running around all the time and never giving yourself a minute. I have my brothers wedding reception on the 17th cant say i am looking forward to it and know for a fact i wont be on that dance floor. Just waiting for the nurse to come to inject me again that's another anxious wait as i detest jabs at the best of times. I am covered in bruises. Try and rest best you can hun and do what i have done and make your own little comfortable pit where no one else can sit haha. To help to take your mind of things record a couple of TV program's. Iv'e noticed the best program's are late at night just scan the planner x

  • Yup 😊 That's a good plan!! Comfy bed, IPlayer and phone 😊 Resting really makes a difference, you are very early days yet, πŸ˜• Also, taking meds not only helps pain but also the inflammation which helps healing 😊 Take care x

  • I think maybe then it differs between hospitals.

    You will have those days unfortunately Hun. But as time goes on it gets better. Finally have a date to see urogynae 23rd November. Only 3 months to wait.

    Think the endo has been left in pod and us ligaments judging by the pain that I get. So once I have my notes will seek that second opinion.

    Take things easy.

  • Good on you and well done for seeking second opinion do hope you get the right answers. Long time to wait tho but least your getting listened to seriuosly. I've just took my dog for a walk. Those dragging pains are awful. Didn't push it tho wlked rally slow for bout 20mins around my estate. X

  • Hun I still get that dragging feeling six months on, not as bad as it was though.

    They do say it can take between 6 and 18 months to heal completely from a hysterectomy, so I think it just takes time.

    Look after yourself Hun.

  • Yes it must do.... had a nice warm bathanyway and gonna cuddle into my hot water bottle later lol. Hope you have a lovely sleep hun x

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