Feeling superb

Morning ladies

Well 4 days post op and feeling fantastic... not that I did have an awful lot of pain after the operation but feeling even better today. Can't beleive I can even sleep on my side with little effort to shuffle myself. Stomach yes still a little tender but wow I was expecting to be walking like a 90yr old woman with cronic pain everywhere. If any ladies out there are due a hysterctomy soon I would strongly advise looking into the robotic way. I know now that my specalist who did my op has not cut into my muscle or nerve systom as I feel pain free. I feel that good I could possibly go back to work next week but I am not.. gonna rest up for at least a month. i still can't pick heavy items up hoover etc but walking around the house at normal speed. Even making a drink and walking up and down the stairs normal.

Feeling so well that I am even gonna take my little boy to school. My partner will be driving so the school gates Is only a stone throw to the car. Hope everyone is well today and pain free. X

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  • Aww glad your feeling better hope it continues I'm still feeling very crap today I think when I had my c section 3 years ago my nerves have been damaged but got told have nerve damage in the pelvic area but see hospital on Thursday so fingers crossed that something is done xx

  • Oh No Nicola

    Awww will you let me know how you get on. I had my appendix out when I was a baby so the endo had spread onto my scar tissue. It took my specalist over an hour to remove it all. Before my op I would get bad pain also in my stomach around my scar. Hope you get it sorted hun nothing worse x

  • yeah I'm the same always get pain in my scar on the left hand side but always had it

  • Glad you feeling so well, keep up the good recovery xx

  • thank you sarah xxx

  • That's great. I'm glad you are feeling so well. Careful not to push yourself too much though. xxx

  • thank you and i wont xxx

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