Full hysterectomy complete

Hi ladies...

Well as your all aware I had my OP today.

From the momment I arrived I was gowned and in theatre in the space of 2hrs. (AMAZING)

The op was 5 hours long and I had alot of endo around my scar tissue where I had my appendix out just 6months old. That took the best part of an hour to remove.

They managed to complete the bowel area too without a bag. So there wasn't any complications.

Then successfully removed everything with no problems at all. The surgeon was very happy indeed.

When I woke I was in theatre for a while due to me been extremely cold and having the worst backache ever... also my feet where very sore due to poor circulatation. They gave me plenty of morphine anyway and wrapped me up toasty.

Once in the ward mum was awaiting my presence. Poor love been there for hrs.

The drip in my hand was very painful when she put more morphine in. That bad I cried in front of mum. The nurse said she will take it out as the surgeon team have obviously put the needle to far up. I was seen drinking plenty of water. Walking around and feeling fine little tender but fine. Really surprised how i am feeling. Was aided to the loo the first time but after this I was fine to go myself and there for after that. Not passed water yet. Got the urges but been stubborn. Hopefully will go in the early hours. Taken my own painkillers now (Zapain) Nurses are amazed am on my feet but will take it very slow. Hoping to feel like this in the morning. Will keep you all updated. Gonna try and sleep now with a full stubborn bladder and a warm ward but still feel blessed that I am feeling absolutely fab all considered. Night ladies x

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  • Amazing take your time and well done. Wishing you a safe and speedy recovery. Sleep well.

  • I've just been reading your story on an old thread Tjbear, how are you doing now? You have had a rough time πŸ˜• Hope you are feeling better 😊

  • Thank you lovely x

  • Thank you lovely x

  • That's brilliant Broderskim39 😊 So glad that you feel so good! You are obviously made of tough stuff!! 😊 I hope you get a good sleep and manage to empty your bladder soon 😊

    Take care and best wishes 😊

  • Lol thank you just can't beleive how well I feel x

  • I hope your recovery keeps going well, when I had mine, it took me just over 18months to get over mine, but I had complication. I had problems with prolonged bleeding after surgery, normal you have bleeding for around 6 -8 weeks well not me I had to be different I bleed for around 7months and I don't mean spotting I mean heavy bleeding, then to top it off, my IBS was playing up on top of it so I was double up with tummy ache all of the time!!! My poor husband was so scared to come near me In case I would bite his head of due to the pain!!!

  • Oh dear so sorry to hear this... nothing worse when there is complications. Thank you for your kind words and thoughts are with you. I really do hope you get some positive results soon you have been thro so much and such a lengthy time. Keep in touch lovely I do hope you recover soon x

  • Oh no Freelie_Wheelie_1983


    You have had such a rotten time 😒😒😒

    I hope you are on the mend now

    Best wishes


  • Thanks Anna hope your x

  • Well x

  • Amazing Hun wish u a speedy recovery Hun mind to rest and take things easy big hugs to u xx

  • Awww thank you x Can't beleive how well I feel. Hope your ok hun x

  • Well feeling really sore today Hun glad that ur feeling ok Hun xx

  • I'm having a bad day too πŸ˜• You have my sympathy πŸ˜•

  • Period came 10 days late was hoping to be pregnant just totally devastated

  • Oh sweetie ❀️ How heartbreaking for you 😒

    Big hugs xx

  • Thanks Hun xxx

  • Hi Hun glad you're ok. How are you feeling this morning?

  • Surprisingly well.... tender and tired but am shocked I feel so well. X the op went great hun. The worst of it all was the drop in my hand and the back ache and poor circulation in my feet. You ok? How are you feeling x

  • Hi Hun I'm ok. Had bladder scan yesterday. They said everything looked normal. Now have to wait till end of November to see urogynae. Convinced surgeon has left endo behind, but he refuses to help so will be seeking a second opinion. Glad you're doing so well. Be prepared though to have bad days, both pain wise and emotionally.

    It can be hard at times but it does get better. I know you feel great but make sure you get plenty of sleep and take things easy. Hoping things continue to improve for you.

    All the best


  • Thanks Jean came home teatime yesterday and ended up in Morrison's gettings bits and then wynsors getting skool shoes. Finding it extewmly hard to not do anything but gonna have too I know. My 21 9yr old daughter seems she prefare putting all her energy and time in other people so am fuming. My partner keeps lecturing me about relaxing so will do as am told today lol. am feeling extremly well. That surgeon must of really looked after me. Hope your ok hun nothing worse when the proffesionals think they know you better than your own body. keep in touch lovely to hope you will be pain free soon x

  • Thanks Hun. Listen to your husband. I know how hard it is to not do things. I've always been used to running around keeping busy and found it was the hardest thing to do, just sit back and relax, but it's something that your body really needs right now. I'm here if you ever need to chat.

    Take care sweetie

  • Thank you lovely... had a lovely long sleep before God I needed it. X

  • Morning Broderskim39

    Hope you had a good night and managed some sleep 😊 With luck you will be up for a shower soon 😊

    Best wishes 😊

  • Had a shower at 8. Surprisingly feel superb but only time will tell. Awfully tired and tendor. Good thing is an walking around . Thank you hun hope your well today x

  • You'll feel even better when you get drip etc out 😊 Glad you are feeling so good 😊😊😊

  • That trip was a nightmare for that took out me as soon as I had fluid in. That hurt more than the op. Felt like a screwdriver not a thin line. didn't help me having the blood pressure machine on the same arm so they took it out. I was fit enough to lift myself up and start drinking surspisingly. Xxx

  • Thanks Anna I am home now came back teatime yesterday. Feeling great with hardly any pain can't beleive it. Hope your well hun keep in touch x

  • That's great news 😊 It feels so good to have it all over with doesn't it? Remember to rest regularly, and accept it will take time 😊 I am 16 days post op and have had a rough couple of days, but all the literature suggest week 3 can be like this πŸ˜•

    Plenty rest, gentke walks and lots of fluids 😊 You are doing great! Best wishes x

  • Hi Broderskim39 so glad all went well and there were no bowel complications 😊

    Fantastic you feel so well and your up and about and even had a shower, great progress. Keep up the good work, but remember to rest when you feel tired.

    All the very best for a continued great recovery and keep us updated xx

  • Morning Broderskim39

    How are you feeling after a couple of days at home? I've been reading his all our insides will be numb and still anaesthetised so you may not hurt but it's really important to take things easy and rest 😊 It's difficult I know, but so important 😊 Trying to sit or lie and look at washing needing pegged out or hoovering . . . And don't get me started on cooking!!! Oven chips??? Really??? Agsin??!! Lol πŸ˜‚

    Have a good day, the sun is shining here. Hope it's the same with you 😊

  • Awww morning hun. Yea it's a little hard to take a blind eye to the chores but my partner seems to have it under control at the mo lol. But tendor still and peeing is little and frequent but sleeping fantastic. Gonna have a sleep once the district nurse has been to inject me. Can't do it myself and don't want my partner to do it. Don't like needles but only another 6 to go. Helps to stop the clotting. Yea I do still feel numb but I know I had a top surgeon coz last year I had my cysts drained on my ovaries and a fallopion tube out and I was in agonny. So know he's took his time. Not feeling any achy bones either. It's great what they can do today x how are you anyway you taken good care of yourself x

  • Yeah, thank you, I'm good 😊 Went to a party last night, great fun but I'm tired today, planning a quiet day 😊

    Good you are being well looked after 😊

    Have a good day 😊

  • Hi Anna. Glad your party went well, rest up today to get your strength back 😊 xx

  • Glad to hear you home and doing well Broderskim39 πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ

    As others have said take it easy, drink plenty water and rest when you need to.

    Take care and keep us updated how your doing xx

  • Thank you Sarah will do x

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