Waiting is to finaly over

Well ive jist rung my hosptial about a update on my consulatation and surprise there it is my date for my operation. Finally and only waiting a few weeks. Starting to get the pains now as I feel the injections have faded out I my systom. Full BSO Hysterectomy next Thursday. Feeling kinda nervous excited and emotional all rolled into one 😂

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  • good luck hun hope it all goes well and u start to have your life back again hun I no how much pain you have had to put up with and such a brave strong lady big hugs from Scotland xx

  • Awww thank you hun you never date to make me smile with your lovely words. Hope your well and enjoying the lovely sunshine x

  • been feeling so ill this week but on plus side only few weeks of waiting till see gynaecology will keep you posted hunni xx

  • Awww Nicola I feel for u.... hope your feeling better soon. Plenty of sleep I usally have a hot coco and bath before bed. Water bottle will help too. Drink plenty of water to flush out any toxins that are making u feel unwell x

  • had a shower chilling in bed with hot chocolate and big jug of water to xx

  • Hi, so glad you've finally got your date and not long to wait. Hope all goes well and you have a speedy recovery 😊

    Remember peppermint tea for gas, loose clothing for journey home that won't rub your incisions, and the pillow/cushion for over belly and under seatbelt for the journey home xx

  • Awww Sarah your a star I forgot about the peppermint tea. Pillow I will buy tomorrow x thank you lovely x

  • No problem, and eye mask and ear plugs for on ward x

  • Good luck Hun. Let us know how it goes and that you're ok. Will be thinking of you.

  • Awww thank you Jean I will. Do hope your okay and got some postive results from the doctors x

  • So glad you don't have long to wait 😊 It's natural to be nervous, but everyone was very kind 😊 I'll be thinking of you on the 31st 😊

    Best wushes

  • Awww thank you anna your kind words really mean alot. Am gonna doblog on here leading up to my op to when I've had it soon x

  • Good idea, I found it really useful 😊

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