Confused after MRI

Hi ladies,

3 weeks ago I went to the GP due to weight loss and since then have had bloods taken, ultrasound, gynae appointment and MRI. Initially I was told I had a cyst (my left ovary was hidden by it) by the sonographer, the GP said I had a solid mass (and pre-empted this by saying "Are you alone" when she rang me and now the gynae consultant says I have a fibroid growing on a stalk from my uterus. I had an MRI on my abdomen and pelvis on Wednesday. I phoned the appointments dept of my hospital yesterday to ask what the protocol was for following up from the MRI and I was told my case was in the MDT meeting for this coming Monday and I would be contacted either Monday or Tuesday for follow up. While I am happy about the speed I have received medical appointments as I can't remember the last time I was ill (I don't actually feel ill now!), I am now concerned because I thought MDT meetings were only where cancers were suspected? When I met with the gynae consultant last week he told me the fibroid would have to be removed and I asked if he could do a hysterectomy at the same time.

Sorry for rambling but any information would be welcome.

Many thanks x

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  • Hello Butterfly98

    Of course you are worried, and understandably so πŸ˜• I think the protocol is always to check for cancer so they can rule it out πŸ˜• Has your GP taken any blood? They do a test for CA 125 to check for Ovarian cancer, but there are often false positives so this alone is not reliable. With regards to fibroids, I understand they are very rarely cancerous.

    Are you going back to see the GP? They should have more answers for you 😊 But agsin, from what I understand, even if it is the big C, a full hysterectomy easily gets rid of it 😊

    I am in my second day post op and feel much better than expected if that is any comfort 😊

    Very best wishes, and fingers crossed you get good news 😊 It must seem like a long time until Monday πŸ˜•

  • Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post. I had a CA125 and the result came back as 9. I've read thar they can't always be a true indicator so to be honest I'm not paying much attention to it. I just presumed I would hear back from the consultant and hadn't realised my case would go to a team. I've had 3 different diagnosis in the last 3 weeks so quite frankly I'm prepared for anything!! I've gone into this with worst case scenario from the outset so I'm ready whatever I get told! I asked for a hysterectomy when I saw the consultant last week so I know that will happen at some point and also according to the consultant, the fibroid (if that's what it is) is quite large - 11 x 6cm so will need to be removed.

    From your post you're sounding very upbeat and positive so soon after your operation which makes me feel better about when it's my turn. I'm not used to sitting still, but I guess I'll just have to do what I'm told to recover. Keep up your positively and thank you for your support


  • Glad you are keeping positive 😊 I also had the worse case scenario in my mind, (my sister had OC) and it was a long wait for CA125 results, 2 very long weeks)

    I am on my second day post op, have been up and had a shower and honestly feel good, very weak and obviously tender but nothing as bad as I expected 😊

    Hope you get a date soon, do you have any indicator of a date? A friend had a positive CA125 but when they checked after her Hyst. there was no cancer 😊

  • No date yet, but the consultant I saw last week said he would do a hysterectomy if that's what I wanted when the fibroid is removed. Everything has happened so quickly to be honest, and the hospital have been amazing with all I've had done since I first went to the GP on July 27th. I work in a school so I'm lucky I've been able to do everything in the holidays so far. Being positive about a possible worst case scenario has helped me and also because I'm such a positive person in general. Whatever it is I can deal with it. I hope your recovery continues as well as it is at the moment. I'm enjoying reading your updates on your post


  • Hope you don't have too long to wait 😊 I worked hard to keep my general health and fitness whilst I was waiting which is paying off now 😊

  • Hello Butterfly98

    I am just wondering how you are and if you have had anymore news? πŸ˜•

    The waiting is definitely the hardest part, try to enjoy what's left of the summer holidays, eat healthily and keep fit and well. I am convinced this has helped my post op recovery. 5 days from TAH, minimal pain relief and walking regularly, even ventured outside for a short walk today 😊

    Good luck and best wishes 😊

  • Hi Anna61, thank you for thinking of me. I rang the hospital today and I've got an appointment to see the consultant again next Friday (2nd). So once more it's a waiting game. I'm so impressed with your recovery so far, I hope I can be so upbeat and positive when it's my turn!!


  • Ooooh that's good news then, not long until 2nd September 😊 Plus, if it was anything sinister I am guessing you would be seen much sooner? Hope you are given some indication of waiting time 😊

    I have been lucky, no post op nausea so IBS remains good, which makes a massive difference 😊 Also I was fit beforehand, good strong legs, and walking really helps to ease the aches and pains 😊

    Speak soon 😊

  • I do lots of walking too and am quite fit so here's hoping I have as good a recovery! Also up to now I've got to 50 with hardly any sickness - I don't even feel ill now, just have a few contraction like pains every so often! Mind you, nothing's set in stone yet despite the consultant saying I could have a hysterectomy when the fibroid is removed, he might have changed his mind when I see him next week!

    It's only been 4 weeks since I first went to the GP, so I'm a bit shell shocked to be honest. Although I've kept myself thinking positively about the worst case scenario, that way it can't get any worse it things are sinister - does that make sense! It's only just over a week until I find out what's going to happen, which is no time really!!

    I'll let you know the outcome. Keep up your amazing recovery!!


  • I started with back pain, agonising muscle spasms at the end of June, saw GP following week, Gyne 3 weeks later, about 8 weeks altogether 😊 Can't complain at all, hope you are as quick and heal well 😊

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