Big Day

That's me checked into hospital yesterday, staff all seem nice and hospital pleasant. I have a comfy bed that has a foot and head raise mechanism so it is very comfy for my poor back 😊 I'm in a four bedded room with two other general surgical cases and one lady who had hysterectomy yesterday.

I saw a doctor yesterday who explained the procedure for the Bartholin cyst drainage that was causing me some concern, I will need a full pubic shave and most likely have a couple of internal stitches as well as abdominal ones from hysterectomy.

I spoke to the anaesthetist yesterday and told of my previous unpleasant after effects from morphine so he is going to give me oxycodone and also a suppository for post operative pain relief 😊

I'm on the afternoon list so I've just had tea and toast at 7am plus 4 prunes as advised with two glasses of water 😊 I didn't get much sleep due to all the bustle and machines beeping but feel ok, I'm going for a shower later and plan to do some walking up and down the ward to get my bowels moving if possible (sorry if that TMI!!) then it'll be time for pre-med and I'll put some relaxing music on to help ease my anxiety 😊

I will update this post regularly over the next few weeks in the hope it helps others wanting detailed information 😊

Wish me luck! The next 6 hours feels like 6 years right now!! Lol 😊

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  • All the very best Anna. Hope all goes well for you and you have a speedy recovery xx

  • Thank you 😊 Not long for you now either 😊

  • Thank you ☺ X

  • Sounds like you are in good hands. Hope it all goes well Anna

  • Thank you 😊

  • Speedy recovery.xx

  • Thank you 😊

  • Day two was a very long day as I was last on the list for theatre πŸ˜• For some reason I was very weepy, although I didn't think I was particularly anxious πŸ˜•

    Went to theatre about 2.30 and remember very little until I was back on the ward, cosy in bed. Because I feel so sick on morphine I had Oxycodine on a PCA (pump) which made me feel a bit drowsy. But I wasn't nauseous so that was good, I have had severe nausea in the past and this was a real worry.

    I slept fitfully, and was very thirsty, but couldn't face breakfast. I had a very welcome cup of tea about 7 😊

    The pain wasn't as severe as I expected but this could be because of the drugs. I managed to stand and have a wash, bliss! And get clean nightie and underwear, before a bowl of tasty soup for lunch.

    then I saw my husband at last ❀️ I hadn't seen him the previous day as I was so late returning to the ward.

    So ladies, so far so good 😊 I will keep updating you and I hope it helps others 😊

  • Glad all gone well and you feeling ok. All the very best and hope you have a good and speedy recovery xx

  • Second day update

    The day has gone better and better 😊 I have very little pain, mostly controlled by paracetamol and ibuprofen. The catheter is out, I am fairly mobile with care. I had a lovely evening meal and most important, have been to the toilet 😊 Hope this brings comfort to those awaiting surgery 😊

  • Second night update - Pain was a little worse during the night, I think things always are πŸ˜• But I had the oxycodone PCA still so made use of it 😊 I managed quite a good nights sleep despite all the hospital activity 😊 I am hoping to get the drain and drip out later and maybe get a shower 😊

  • We're all here for you. Speedy recovery x

  • Thank you 😊

  • Second day post operative went well, drip came out as did the Canulas in both my wrists finally 😊 Why do such small things annoy so much? Had a shower and washed my hair 😊 Bliss

    Been trying to keep walking to help with the wind and general health but got very tired by afternoon so spent most of the rest of the day in bed reading, interspersed with trips to bathroom 😊

    Consultant wants to keep drain in for a little longer but I suppose it's best to be cautious 😊

    Im tucked up in bed now with just paracetamol and ibuprofen for pain relic, wish me luck! 😊

  • It's lovely to read this and hear u doing well.😊 I know what u mean about the canulas. I have 1 on the top of each hand and they're bad enough but I know from past experience the wrist ones are worse so my sympathy with u there. Take it easy and rest when u need to. Xx

  • Did you get your op? How are you feeling today? The first day was the worst, I was so uncomfortable in bed πŸ˜• It gets better every day 😊

  • Day Three Update

    Another restless night, new arrival and confused elderly lady in the next bed, it's not anyone's fault but I feel sure a good nights sleep would do me the world of good πŸ˜•

    Had a hospital breakfast, cold toast and unsweetened (?salty) porrige πŸ˜• Luckily hubby brought me fruit so I had a banana and some prunes. Followed by tea and toast 😊 Lovely lady opposite doesn't drink tea so had hers as well 😊😊😊 I really miss being able to have cup of tea when I wake up in the night or really early. 😊

    I've had a lovely shower and clean nightie, am managing to walk regularly and largely pain free thanks to good pain medication, paracetamol, ibuprofen, and gabapentin, the last one a surprise, but it's working so I'm not complaining 😊 Also omeprazole which helps the stomach lining.

    Wound is still bleeding Abd drain still in, but think that's unusual, surgeon said my uterus was very swollen and bloody, fibroids not especially large. The nurse thinks they will want to check my bloods and most likely keep me in another 24 hours. This was a little upsetting to hear as I am quite homesick and missing my husband, but I I suppose it's good they are not throwing me out too soon 😊

    It's just before 10 and I could happily go back to bed, feel very weary, like my arms and legs have heavy weights to them. I was warned about this and intend to listen to my body and go for a lie down. 😊

  • Evening update, day three

    Feeling stronger and better with every passing hour 😊

    The drain from my wound came out today, that was a most peculiar feeling, not pleasant but not overly painful πŸ˜• But it means the bleeding has stopped so that is a positive step 😊

    I had more bloods taken to check for haemoglobin levels, and if all is well and I keep well overnight I should be allowed home tomorrow 😊 I think a night in my own bed will do me the world of good 😊

    I am feeling quite well, continuing to walk regularly, every hour or so, and drink plenty, at least a glass full every hour. I am down to just paracetamol and ibuprofen for pain relief which helps me feel more myself 😊

    Here's hoping I get more sleep tonight 😊

  • Hi Anna, glad you getting stronger and fingers crossed for your release home today. I know what you mean re the drain, very weird sensation. Before the nurse took mine out she said others had said it feels like it's coming from the throat. Mine seemed to feel like it was coming from my chest down but like you said not painful just weird. Fingers crossed I should be going home today as well. Don't forget those pelvic floor exercises, lol! Take care and I'm sure once your home and get a good nights sleep you will feel even more human xx

  • You are doing really well 😊 Fingers crossed you get home. Take good care of yourself xx

  • And you 😊 xx

  • Day Four - Home 😊

    After all the usual waiting around for doctors/blood results/pharmacy and paperwork hubby picked me up at 2.30. Car journey home exhausting (45 minutes) and I was very glad to have a cushion against my tummy.

    Last night was particularly difficult as so much disturbance with other ill patients, doctors nurses machines beeping etc, so I feel quite low and extremely tired. So you can imagine how glad I was to see my own bed 😊 Apart from getting up for loo and evening meal I stayed there pretty much from 4pm until 8 o'clock the next morning. 😊 But feeling safe, comfortable and largely pain free 😊 Happy happy happy it's all behind me. However, I do just burst into tears half way through a sentence . . , lol 😊

  • Day Five

    So good to wake up in my own bed 😊 Very good nights sleep but feel a bit fragile and vulnerable. Also quite achey, like I've been run over by a bus, but I was warned about this, (also warned that my arthritis could get worse due to missing oestrogen) Anyway, had a shower and my daughter made my favourite scrambled eggs on toast. We sat for a while and she asked for a list of jobs, shopping etc to do today so she can make her plans, (she is off work for a few days to look after me 😊) I'm feeling very loved and cared about ❀️

    I'm just back from a walk around the block, just literally 5 minutes, which feel fabulous 😊 I am a keen walker with good leg strength and being able to walk is important to me mentally 😊 I also live in a very pretty seaside town with the sea 200 yards from the house. 😊 Ahhhh the joys of the sun on my face, and breathing lovely fresh sea air 😊

    Just back now, had some painkillers and going for a lie down 😊

  • Day six has progressed pretty much the same as day 5, but I'm managing longer spells upright!! Still spending most of the day lying down or sitting. I have a little pain but more a general feeling of being unwell, especially after a longish spell out if bed such as after this mornings shower, walk and breakfast πŸ˜•

    On the whole I feel pretty good considering, I am grateful to feel so well, to be able to sleep when I need to, and to be largely pain free 😊 Mostly I am grateful the last week is behind me and I can focus on healing and getting back to optimum health 😊

    Thank you all for listening 😊

  • So glad you doing well. Keep going forward and take everything at you own pace 😊 X

  • How are you doing sarahgregory ? You enjoying being home? Hope you have help xx

  • Doing ok thanks, similar to you from what you've posted. Haven't ventured out the front door yet but yesterday did have a walk round the back garden. Otherwise walking around house interspersed with rest. Lovely to be home with family who are looking after me well thanks.

    Hope you are being well looked after and enjoying being home with your husband xx

  • That's sounding good 😊 I don't know about you but feel I'm doing well then suddenly get this wave of exhaustion! Think it's fairly normal 😊 Hubby around but working so in trying to stay out of his way, he was offered annual leave but wants to save it so we can go away later in the year πŸ˜• My daughter is living at home but working, but between them they're keeping on top of the housework 😊

    Enjoy your trips round the garden, ours is very small. Take care of yourself xx

  • I also feel tired and weak, legs ache just walking around and going upstairs but I suppose the more we do the less achey it will be. Slow and steady is the way I think.

    Glad you got husband and daughter around to help. Husband was given this week off to look after me and daughter who is 17 is still off from college. Parents are also only 15 minute drive away if I need them.

    That will be lovely to have a holiday later when you feeling up to it, something to look forward to.

    All the best xx

  • Had my staples out today 😊 Didn't hurt at all, 😊

    I have felt really good all day then floored about 6.30 πŸ˜• Back in bed just now, safe and cosy 😊

  • Just saw your post re staples and commented. Glad it was OK in the end. Enjoy your rest ready for another day tomorrow 😊

  • So lovely to read about your well-being.. x

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