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Is this pain normal?

Hi everyone, I am writing because I have a question that I am hoping someone here can help me out with. I had a total hysterectomy surgery with omentum removal on the 21st of july. I was discharged from hospital on the 29th and had been doing good until this past tuesday the 2nd of august that I started having severe pain across the top of my abdomen . It was so bad that painkillers were not helping at all and after a low grade fever of 100.7 my doctor advised me to go to the ER. They did a Ct scan and found fluid in my abdomen and had it drained this morning, but im still having very bad pain . Dr said they will test it to see if theres an infection. Anybody has gone through this ? . My initial thought was gas but it will not go away ..

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Hi, I could well be an infection but will take Dr's a couple of days to grow cultures to check for infection.

I don't want to scare you because I'm sure it's rare to have complications like me but I had a hysterectomy on 27th June with extensisve endometriosis removal and also had my appendix out. I went home 24hrs later. I was ill at home for 12 days, I had a low grade fever on and off which I did call hospital about and they didn't seem too worried, I had a lot of pain which I just attributed to surgery and gas pain, trying to go for a poo was horrific, I kept calling hospital and gynae and no one seemed that concerned but then I started weeing blood, not just a little, my wee was bright red. Anyway I phoned 111, went through out of hrs Dr's then a&e and ended up back in hospital for 10 days, it took them a while but they found I had every bladder infection they could think of, then discovered a hole in my bladder caused by the surgery and a ct scan revealed an infected mass/debris in my pelvic cavity. I ended up having another general anesthetic to check for damage to kidneys. The gynae would have liked to remove the infected mass but decided against more surgery as I was so sore and soft still inside and he worried about making it worse. All of this had caused my bowel to swell making things very painful. I ended up having 2 different iv antibiotics at the same time as an oral one while they cleared up all of the infection. I'm home now but have had a catheter for over 3 weeks while hopefully my bladder heals. Going in for more scans and cheeks next week and more surgery hasn't been ruled out.

Like I said I'm not telling you this to scare you and it's extremely unlikely anything like this would happen to someone else but I really wish I had listened to my body more. After hysterectomy I was in a lot of pain but still not as bad as the endometriosis pain had been so I just assumed it was so painful as I had had major surgery and was full of gas. Now I'm not full of infection and feel more like I should have to begin with I see a massive difference. When I got back to hospital I insisted on staying until they had sorted everything and come up with a plan. They did try and discharge me a few times to come back for tests but I said no as I knew how hard it was to get back into hospital once I had been discharged the first time!

I really hope you feel well and get sorted soon but if you are at all worried insist on more tests and check ups.

Take care xx

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Just to add I notice on your other post you mention nausea, I had that extremely bad too for over a week. I didn't eat and even moving my head made me feel awful, couldn't concentrate on anything. Eventually I used sea bands wrist bands for motion sickness, they didn't cure it but definitely took the edge off so I was able to at least eat bits of fruit xx

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I don't have any wise words but I hope you are feeling better now 😊 Best wishes


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