New to this site and having full hysterectomy and BSO

I all,

I am 44 and when I was 29 weeks pregnant I became very ill and my baby daughter became distressed and so I had open surgery to remove my appendix and delivery my daughter in 1 operation. 1 month later I was still ill as my appendix hadn't been the problem and so I had another open surgery to remove the right hand side of my large bowel

(colon) including the lowest part of the small bowel due to what they thought was Yersinia. I was told by my surgeon that after this surgery it would be advisable for me not to have any more children due to potential danger for myself if another op had to be done. 17 years on my daughter from that op is absolutely fine, (typical 17 year old girl lol) but for the last 15/16 months I have been suffering from stomach cramps, bloating, worse diarrhoea (sorry tmi), stabbing pains in left pelvic area, aches in back, bum and top of leg, and cystic structures found on ultrasounds and mri's on both sides with 1 on the left being the biggest at 8.5cm. This might be a blocked fallopian tube and so might 1 of the cysts on my right side. I was put on Prostap injections and that did at first help with stabbing pains and did reduce size of cyst but it didn't help with back aches and stabbing pains have started to return. After a referral to a bsge centre as my general gyny ( and myself) suspected endometriosis I am now awaiting my date for a total hysterectomy and bso, hopefully laparoscopically going in under rib (as not want to try lower down as that was where previous surgeries were) but if can't get in or see properly due to adhesions etc from previous surgeries it will be turned into open surgery. He will also do excision on any endometriosis found.

I am very nervous as not sure what they going to find in there and might have to do bowel surgery if problems with bowel as well. When saw bsge specialist and he was going through all the risks he kept saying that for every normal risk mine would be higher.

Well thats my story, sorry for the long post. Any words of wisdom greatfully received. X

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  • Hi Sarah you've certainly gone through it. I'm five months post op from full hysterectomy due to large cyst on my ovary I was also given worse case has I'd had two cesarians and there was lots of scar tissue but my surgeon was fantastic and managed to complete the op laporoscopically/ vaginally with the removal of my cervix too. I've completely recovered about two months ago only problem is just getting my hrt at the right level. Good look Sarah just take it very carefully first six weeks as this will Inhance your recovery .x

  • Thank you for your reply. Can I ask where u had your op? Glad it was able to be done laparoscopically, just hoping mine can be as well. Good to hear a good outcome and that u are on the mend. I've heard that getting hrt right can be tricky but hope u get it sorted soon. Will definitely take it easy thanks, have got plenty of books, adult colouring books and lots to watch on TV so should be sorted. Thanks again and take care X

  • Hi Sarah I had my operation at New Cross Hospital Wolverhampton. West Midlands.

  • Not too far from me, I'm in Shrewsbury and having op done at Chester X

  • Good luck on your op and the recovery.x

  • Thank you X

  • Hello

    I have just joined this site today and was wondering how everyone is doing now? I hope you are all on the road to recovery 😊

  • Hi there. I started this post and I am due to have my op this coming Saturday so can't really say yet how and if it has benefited me yet sorry.

    Welcome to their site. Hope you are well? X

  • Not bad, you sound as if you have really gone through it 😕 Your op booked for 20th? hiw are feeling? You any more reassured?

  • Good. Yes, op booked for this Saturday, had my pre op last Wednesday. Still feeling nervous and apprehensive but know it needs to be done so going for it! X

  • Hi Anna, posted the above before looking for any posts by you. Hope all goes well on Thursday for you. With regards to recovery I think from what I've read that everybody is different and you just have to listen to you body. Don't overdo it at the beginning and rest when you need to. X

  • Thank you, same to you 😊 Fingers crossed everything goes well for you, you really need it 😊 Very best wishes

  • And to you. All the very best. Take care X

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