Hormones imbalance

Hi ya I had my hysterectomy in October due to fibroids and endometriosis , had an ovary removed and to be cut bikini line due to size of fibroids . I bounced back really well and quickly . I started back to work properly December . Since January I have been tearful and sensitive we did also move house in February so thought it was stress to moving but moved and settled and love living there . But my emotions are still not good with a bit of depression . I am now getting a bit chunky and getting spots under my chin . I am not on hrt do any of you had these symptoms not sure if maybe start of menapause or lacking something I am 40 this year as well . Any suggestions or advise be great xx

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  • Hi I've had full hysterectomy in Feb I've have recovered very quickly physically but got to say I have similar symptoms to yours low mood etc I am on hrt patches and they have now been increased   To 50 micromilligrames it sounds to me you could be expriencing the menopause have a chat with your Doctor there is a blood test you can have for your estrogen levels. Good luck

  • Thank you I am booked in to see doctor next Monday . Hope they listen to me as I have moved had to join a new surgery , xx

  • Hi there sorry for late reply I had same full hysterectomy all out on Deec 2015 went straight into surgical menopause with symptoms like you. I'm on HRT just got it right and am feeling much better. agree with Leek chat with GP you don't have to suffer like this x

  • Thank you booked in next Monday xxx

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