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Hi all, I'm 3 wks post vaginal hysterectomy - cervix, uterus and one ovary removed. Apart from slight fatigue I feel great! Returned to driving last week, started back to work today and went on my first hike yesterday (not as strenuous as my normal hikes). I felt a bit of pressure yesterday coming near the end but felt great for doing it. Being idle killed me!

However, I miss other exercises and resistance training. Physio didn't give me much guidance, only a leaflet in terms of do's and don't, I know I can't lift anything over 10pnds for 6wks but has anyone any idea how long it will take before I can do proper core exercises and weight training again? I don't want to rush into any strenuous exercising if it means setting me back in terms of recovery!

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  • Hi I can recommend a you the video fitness blender post abdominal surgery workout which is Pilates based. I had TAH/BSO 4 months ago I followed this after 4 weeks then for 4 weeks before progressing to full yoga/Pilates and weights. I'm now horse riding. It was the core strengthening from Pilates which helped me. Best wishes x

  • Sorry meant you tube video! Oh predictive text x

  • Hi, can you please let me know which you tube video you recommended?  I am post radical hysterectomy 9 weeks and still off sick due to kidney stents.  I would like to get my core strength back 

  • Hi if you go to you tube put in Fitness blender (the company producing the video) then look for post abdominal/post natal workout x

  • Thank you very much.  Shall do x

  • Hi hope you find it useful I did it after 4 weeks was fine for me have also followed some of their other videos. Good luck with your recovery. It's pretty rough operation I know x

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