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Hi I'm a newbie here

I'm Kim 56 yrs old and during a routine lumbar MRI a few weeks back a large 11.5cm cyst was found in my pelvic area. I saw a wonderful gynae specialist last night in a fast track clinic and she has said it has to come out along with my fallopian tubes and ovaries so I am due to have a bi lateral salpingo oopherectomy in a couple of weeks. She is going to leave my uterus and will do a smear during the op as my bladder, uterus and cervix are completely pushed forward and to the side by the cyst at the moment which looks like it is a right sided ovarian cyst. Obviously we won't know if it is malignant until histology reports on it and she is going to try to do it laproscopically but if needed will proceed to laparotomy. I am on HRT and post menopausal but I believe the ovaries still produce hormones even post menopause. My questions are will this op cause me to gain weight and will I need to increase my HRT?

It would certainly explain my stress incontinence, bowel problems and abdo pain and pain in my groin and legs which has been really bad of late but I had just put them down to the menopause.

I was also invited to participate in a new 'Rockets' study being conducted by the University of Birmingham looking into the symptoms of Ovarian Cancer and trying to establish other ways for doctors to determine when a woman should be referred. My CA125 was 35 which is the high end of normal but from my understanding this test is not particularly conclusive alone.

I would like to talk to women who have experienced the same thing as this as I have so many questions which of course always come to me in the middle of the night!



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Hi Kim I am 1 day post op had full hysterectomy due to 6.5 cm cyst on my ovary I also was an high end positive on my c125 test My brilliant surgeon performed key hole surgery although Id had two c- sections sometimes this isn't possible due to scaring. I'm due to start hrt patches which I have no knowledge. Key hole or open and close don't under estimate it your off your feet for a while good luck Kim.


Hi Kim

I too am having my one remaining ovary removed but leaving my womb and like you too I'm waking in the night worrying about the effects of having no hormones as I too have been told the ovaries continue to produce hormones way past the menopause. I have read loads but the more I read the more I worry .

Good luck with your op hope all goes well.


Hi Kim

You have a lot going on! I had an abdominal tumour which resulted in Total abdominal hysterectomy with BSO mid Dec 2015. I'm now 12 weeks on. My histology came back clear. I don't think the op per se means you put on weight. In fact I was 1/2 stone lighter after I came out of hospital due to tumour size. HRT doesn't make you put on weight either. Your body shape will change if you go into menopause and your organs will reallign themselves. Hormones mean you may develop the typical 'hysterectomy' tummy. Recovering and sitting about unable to exercise also means you may put on or find it hard to lose weight. However, your health comes first you can address and weight issues later on. I'm surprised if your consultant is leaving your uterus? Yes you will need likely to change your HRT as your ovaries put means your hormones will be deficient you will need oestrogen to protect your bones.

I recommend the hysterectomy association which is super helpful. You can ask questions and read about others who have been through the same and get support when you have your surgery.

There is also a great recovery plan which I have followed to the letter consequently 12 weeks on I am back to nearly normal strength and exercising again. I am also on HRT patches oestrogen only. And NO I have NOT put any weight on.

Best wishes


Thanks Caspelle. I am 2 weeks post op today and feel so much better these last couple of days. My GP has increased my oestrogen and the hot flushes which re started have stopped. I am considering seeing a private hormone specialist though to get my HRT just right. I think the reason they left my uterus is that is starts to shrink after menopause anyway. I still haven't had my histology back but am feeling optimistic. Thanks for your replies.


Hi there

If you find a HRT specialist please let me know! I'm struggling to get mine right. My GP is next to useless. He picked the first oral oestrogen pill out of his drug book (saying its the one I prescribe everyone) of which I took for 8 weeks with an increase in doseage. Then I got too poorly with it but he didn't know if it was too much or not enough oestrogen! I'm now on patches Estraderm MX 50 for two weeks but am still suffering dreadfully with the sweats/hot flushes and worst of all nausea which can put me to bed for a day and is delaying my return to work. HRT is a minefield. I did my own research for the patches and specially asked for them but I probably don't know any more than the GP expect without the little drug book!

I had my uterus out because at first they suspected uterine cancer. Even though that was negative they wanted to remove everything down there so as to drastically reduce the risks for the future. I'm 45 no kid by choice and I had not entered the menopause then so mine is a surgical menopause now. Please do check out the hysterectomy association website its been a lifeline to me xxxx


Hi I have found one in Guildford at the Surrey Park clinic it's 195 for the consultation so I'm going to see her in a few weeks.


I've had to put all this on hold as I was told I have ovarian cancer so now need a hysterectomy in the first instance and don't know what else yet.


Wishing you all the best hope you are well now?


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