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Acute pain 1 year after hysterectomy

Hi can anyone help please. Had full hysterectomy nearly 1 year ago and surgeons went in via my c section scar (had 2 of these). Have often felt a little niggle on both sides of my groin (basically where my ovaries were), but of late the niggle has become acute pain. Can come on either side and sometimes so bad I actually cry. Don't get both sides at once and often I just feel aches in my legs, lower back and up on both sides of my waist. Not sure if the aches are related to pain but I feel like the centre of all of this is around the operation site. If I look in the mirror the right side pain is directly underneath the scar tissue. Getting myself quite worried now and in a bit of a state but just wondered if anybody else has had this or has any clue what it may be?

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Hi, this is my first post in this new group. I had a total/full Hysterectomy just under 10 years ago. I have had this on and off. My GYN did my surgery different from yours. Please make sure your Hysterectomy was actually a total or full hysterectomy.

For me I was cut hip to hip. I do at times get a fluttery weird feeling, and some times pain where my right ovary was. My GYN told me this is normal and I will have it off and on. At times our bodies still think we have a period. Also, the cavity with the muscles will flutter or pain. It is your nerve endings.

If the pain becomes worse or lasts longer, I suggest you see your doctor. Also, with your legs and back I can relate. I also get a weak feeling, and my legs go wobbly, and I have to sit down, until it passes. Back then I did not follow doctor's orders, and I lifted over 30 bls. So I did not heal properly around my scar on the right hand side.

Hope this helps.


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