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Should I have a hysterectomy at 29yrs

Hey everyone I thought I'd ask for advice I am 29yrs old and suffered with ending since I was 15 I've had 5 lots of surgery and now I'm to the point of sevrere depression and complete agony nearly everyday but my specialist wants me to have children first but I know my own body and seriously don't think it's possible even with Ivf so now I'm thinking of a hysterectomy but is it worth it at my age x

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hi GEMX85X I've just been to see a consultant with depression and the hardest the that keep me getting worse was thinking why? i'm i like this i notice you have had a lot of surgery but you done say want for. i'm 48 years old and i've suffered all my life with depression but for the first time since i unloaded all my problem that i was thinking about i start to think of a positive something to go for it seams to have lift me up instead of dragging me down i know we all suffer in different ways could you do the same please keep in touch to let me know how you are doing and at 28 years old you have a lot to look forward to take care speak to you again. kind regards bigalan


Thanks for your response i know I have things to live for but it still and shamefully it doesn't stop this feeling I've got I just not sure what I'm ment to do for the best anymore x


hi Gemx85x life is hard sometime why we have to face decisions and at a tender young age my first wife had a have a hysterectomy at 24 it was hard and as a man it's something that we will never have to go through but i've got no children and i'm 48 years old all my brothers and sister have had children i haven't i think it's easy for me to say can i make a confession my reading isn't very good so i had to look up what it was that your facing and my heart goes out to you. take care please accept my apologies for not understand what it was you were facing. bigalan

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NO, don't have a hysterectomy at 28. Big mistake!

I suffered with terrible period pains had lots of operations and procedures, but nobody ever mentioned my thyroid. I am sure you have a thyroid problem, I had terrible depression too. My thyroid situation ended up with thyroid cancer, I believe if you find out what the root cause for your problems are you could get yourself better. Go and see a good Functional Doctor (you will have to pay), NHS doctors are useless and so are the consultants they won't help you, just operate take everything away and make you much worse. How will you feel if you want children and you can't. You can get better by looking at your diet, look on line there is so much help on there. Get your thyroid bloods done and post them here on the thyroid site. Don't just accept "normal" you need your Free T3 and Free T4 results. Get help not an operation.

Good luck!


Hi Gem.

I've just had a hysterectomy. I'm 45 with no children.

I had five operations to get rid of a massive fibroid 7 years ago. If I'd have known the pain and grief I'd have to go through I would have had a hysterectomy then.

I have had everything removed apart from my cervix so I still need to gave smears, but it keeps the juices flowing so I'm not a dried up prune 'down there'!!

i had my hysterectomy 8 weeks ago and am due back at work on the 1st September.

I feel sad I've not had kids, but equally important is my health. I'm also a Brittle Asthmatic so may have struggled with having a child.

I'd say have the full hysterectomy. Apparently I will feel great once the swelling has gone. (Because I've had no kids dis I had to have the hysterectomy performed through my tummy so have a scar on my bikini line. ) I'm still trying to find HRT that suits me.

Since the op my hair no longer needs washing every day, my perfume smells different on me, I no longer like the taste of wine (!!) and things taste different. It's very strange!!

I am no longer in my pain, apart from where the cut was and from heeling. I'd say go for it.

Good luck.

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Hi liddon, my name is Sarah-Kate, I have been reading your post and am very interested. I'm 47, 48 in March and am planning to have a full hysterectomy with removal of everything Inc Cervix. May I ask why you had a hysterectomy? I see you still have your cervix. How are you hunny? I would love to keep in touch 😘 I need help and support as this has been the hardest decision for me but I have severe endo and possible Adeno and other complications with uterus, cervix and ovaries,basically everything is knackered and my BSGE specialist said a hysterectomy is needed, which I'm fine with now. I was told by a number of medical people that I couldn't have children. I have already had what was thought to be an eptopic pregnancy and a miscarriage due to problems with my reproductive organs.


Hi Sarah-Kate.

My name is Liz. I'm now just over three months after my op. My tummy is still swollen, I feel like a 76 year old and I'm only just back on the wine!!!!

I've had problems with fibroids. Went through hell with them 7 years ago. I had 5 ops back then and God awful drugs. It truly was a mare. Tbh I'd have had a hysterectomy then if I'd have know my bf back then was such a muppet!!!

I've been with my now bf for 3 fabulous years. No kids, but I've kinda come to terms with that.

Apparently I'm in the minority of white women as it's generally black women that get massive fibroids! Typical of me !!!

I am glad I've kept my cervix. Finally had nookie the other day and it feels exactly the same as pre op! If you have your cervix removed just buy tons of KY jelly!!

The worst thing about the op is the mood changes. I always used to be fairly level. Now I can go off at just about anything. Also the hot flushes are something else. My cats think I'm their personal heater!!! I'm on a gel HRT but have to get the doses correct. ALL of my joint hurt. I honestly feel as though my joints have aged 30 years. Oh and the weight gain and bloody awful memory!!!

You will probably sense I have a dark sense of humour. I think it's the only thing getting me through!!

What are you most concerned about?sorry to babble on!!

Oh, and I'm 46 on the 27th of this month!!

Where do you live? I'm in Milton Keynes.


Hi I am 39 I have had a full hysterectomy and an ovary removed two weeks ago . I don't have any children , I do love children . I decided about 9 years ago that I did not want children also my partner did not want any . We have a good life and I get to look after my friends children they stay over take them to the zoo etc . When my gynaecologist said hysterectomy I agreed with him my stomach was so big and my womb was swollen I had two big fibroids and also small ones . When I had the operation one of my fibroids was big as a grapefruit and I had endometriosis and it was around an ovary to so they removed it . I just think I was not meant to have children and I accept it . Life is hard I don't regret my decision but I could later I don't know . I just take each day as it comes . Only you can make the right decision for you . Don't rush anything . Good luck . X


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