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Hi all, I'm new

Hello, ive been a member of the endometreosis site for a while, but fault I'd get more advice here, I'm having an hysterectomy in 8 days, and I can't wait, ive been diagnosed with ADENOMYOSIS and endometreosis, ive had the endo excised and now for the big one, ive been in daily pain for around a year now, and the thought of being without it is just fantastic,

Do any of you lovely ladies have any tips on a speedy recovery,

I can not wait to take my life back get a job and start laughing again


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Hi there.

I'm 45 with no know dis and had a full hysterectomy 8 weeks ago. Back at work on 1st September.

I had the hysterectomy done through my tummy as too small down below due to no know kids!

The first day I had it done the pain was indescribable. They will talk about wind being painful, that is an understatement! It is shere agony! however! Once the morphine had kicked in the next day I was able to get out of bed for a wee. I was released from hospital three days later, getting home was pure heaven!

The first week I was out I was great and probably overdid it.

The next six weeks I was divoid of energy, sleeping for most of the day and just pottering the rest of the time.

I bought a bread maker to cheer me up and have been having fresh bread each day!!

I drove after three weeks, only locally, but it was great to be out! My boyfriend was great, but nothing beats doing it yourself!!

It's only this last week I've felt a bit more normal.

Tips for a speedy recovery? In hindsight just do what you want. Go to bed if you're tired and get up when YOU want!! It is definitely a time to not feel guilty about being a lazy bones and it will help with recovery.

I'm now trying to find a good HRT. The hot flushes are something else. I also:-

No longer have to was my fair every day.

Perfume smells different.

Don't like the taste of wine. This is a BAD thing!!!

Some food tastes different.

My joints are still hurting, my tummy is swollen - oh and don't try to wear jeans etc with zips. They hurt the scar a lot. I'm living in funky leggings.

You DON'T need to buy granny knickers. I'm still wearing g strings - but DO buy a heat pad you put in the microwave. Heaven. Oh and a V shaped pillow was great both in and out of of hospital.

I kept my cervix (it keeps it from drying up down below) and it's just like before the op bit with no period! Yippeeee!!

If you have any questions let me know and good luck!


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