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How long does it take the sense of feeling to the skin to come back after a total abdominal hysterectomy?

I am very lucky to have had what I would describe as a successful operation and my hospital care was good too, unfortunately I have a few niggling queries that I can't seem to find answers to and that seem too trivialand to verify a trip to the Doctors.

I had a full oopharectomy and abdominal hysterectomy at the end of November 2014 and went back to work in February. I have been very careful to follow the initial advice about recovery given in the hospital immediately after surgery and then for the period up to when I returned to work.

I would like to know

-if anyone is aware whether the sense of feeling returns around the pelvic region where the cut is made as mine is cold and numb and if so how long roughly?

-how long until you are safe to lift furniture etc.?

-my bowel movements seem to be very irregular and I also experience bloating and pain, does anyone have this and have ways to relieve and improve it?

Thank you

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I had my radical surgery last February for ovarian cancer and my vertical scar is still numb straight up, also if I catch it wrong still tender.

Had to go in for more surgery last October by key hole to repair three incisional hernias.

By bowel movement is very regular, I do have movical should I need it when on my painkillers


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