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Hi all why would my gyneacologist send me for this I've had ultrasound shows thickend lining of uterus and fluid that shouldn't be there. I had Gynae examination and he said all felt normal but need to have this done. The reason for investigations is severe pain in hips pelvis and back for 7 weeks constant. I've been taking co codamol every 4 hours not even touching the pain. Only way I can describe it is like someone is pushing my hips apart and a dragging feeling in my pelvis. My belly is swollen I'm either constipated or diarrhea and feel so tired, no appetite,

Has anyone had similar experiences please? X

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I have the same on my right hip and lower back pain, I have recently been diagnosed with adenomyosis and also a dermoid cyst but my gynae thinks it's the enlargement of the uterus presses on nerves also groin pain due to pressure.


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