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Hi, has anybody had problems with consistent colds, ear aches and sore throats after having hysterectomy? I'm 4 weeks post-op from having total hysterectomy, part bowel and part abdominal wall removal - since having the operation I have been experiencing problems with head colds, ear aches and sore throats which last around 5-6 days then I get a couple of days grace and then it all flares back up again. Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thank you x

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It's possible you may have a low grade infection such as a urinary infection which is very common after having a catheter fitted which you will have had for the op. See your GP and get them to check for a urinary infection and anyway they should be willing to give you the correct antibiotic which will not be for the colds, etc but will be for the specific infection. If your GP does not think it is urinary, do you have any other symptoms following the op, any pain, etc. If so then I would phone the secretary to the consultant responsible for your hysterectomy and say you are having post-op problems and would like to see him for a follow-up. They should fit you in soon. Suex

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