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Mood changes with low INR

Is it common to experience mood changes with a drop in your INR? Mine has dropped from my usual level of about 3.8, down to 2.8 this past week or so and I've had awful feelings of anxiety which appear to coincide with the drop. (I do not normally suffer from anxiety or depression, fortunately)

I would appreciate any thoughts.


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i can relate to that - with me i think the lower inr increases my fatigue which is a vicious circle especially if for eg i am due in work because i know it will be a struggle and i dont want to make a mistake as my concentration levels become affected. I then find my mood changes with the anxiety of knowing how it affects me. I get frustrated and upset when it compromises my daily routine of exercise and any pre arranged plans - i dont like feeling compromised plus just want to feel normal around my friends ;-) the positve thought is the next day i will probably be back to feeling fine! but it is a rollercoaster and makes life hard to pre plan things kathy xx


I know (and my late physician Father knew) that psychosomatifc illness is real. That said, after many years of practice my Father also came to believe that a patient's unconscious always knew if there was a meaninful illness or injury percolating away inside the patient's body.

Perhaps your mood is your body's way of saying "this thicker blood is not good. Sludge Blood is bad and it make us sad!"

IF this is the case, then you have identified another- if somewhat ephemeral -- sign that your INR is out of range. That is cause to celebrate!


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