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Was it a TIA

Last night I had funny turn. I have them every now and again and just put them down to 'one of those things' but now we're considering I might have Hughes, I wondered if it could've been a TIA. I was say on the sofa and suddenly went dizzy, like my head was wobbling off my neck. My ears suddenly felt blocked and hearing went and my vision wasn't quite as clear as normal. I laud down while I let it pass and after a while I could hold my head up again but still found it hard to think clearly (hence not thinking about it at the time) I've since had a headache all night in a very specific place (right hand side, very top, near front) and although the 'pain' is subsiding, it feels irritated, as if someone's dripping water on my skull just there.

What so you think?

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Hi there, first of all hello, and... has any medical professional suggested Hughes Syndrome to you? or do you have any of the other symptoms? It is hard to tell from what you say, whether it is or not. However If it would not do any harm to visit your nearest casualty department for a check up. Some migraines can cause similar symptoms but it does not necessarily mean you have Hughes Syndrome. This is a description of TIA's via NHS Choices: Please do get yourself checked out thoroughly, and also have a look at the full list of symptoms for Hughes Syndrome on our website: However please do go and get yourself checked out either with your nearest hospital or GP for peace of mind.

Best wishes to you. Mary F x


First thing I thougt of was migraine , when i had my 1st strike I thought it was a Tia n it would pass, had Tia's before , only this time my speach, face went numb & could use my left side. So please , even if you think it's a Tia get it checked , if its a coy it doesn't go away without treatment ! Learned my lesson the hard way n am very fortunate I recovered almost 100% still use a cane now and then . Next time they said I might not be so lucky.

+ thoughts n prayes comin your way

David j tampa Florida


It definitely sounds like a TIA to me. I get them frequently following strokes. My head is dizzy, my eyes wont focus, sometimes I feel nauseas, I cant concentrate. The worst feeling I get is in my chest which affects my breathing and I feel I am going to faint.

It is a very frightening experience and lasts about 20 minutes.

Sometimes my face feels numb.

I would certainly get it checked out, although A&E take hours and they aren't very sympathetic, so I won't go to hospital now.I just keep my fingers crossed.


Do get this checked! Yes it could be a TIA and yes it could Bev" just" a migraine.


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