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I find that when I am cold my INRs go all over the place, I also get very tired, and also nauseous. Despite the cold we have been getting when the sun shines I sit in the sun even in the house and I come alive but as soon I get cold I feel terrible. I also get loads of little white patches on my skin which is the 'cornbeef' look. That is why I want to get away on holiday and just feel warmth.

Additionally when I have any worry I can feel the warmth in my head and then the tiredness. My daughter is going through a funny patch and if she shouts then I get the symptoms..

We are a funny bunch!!!

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Oh dear, roll on naughty old spring.. hopefully you will feel a little better, I think it is hard being cold with any form of autoimmune disease. Also I think any form of stress makes things worse. I hope you both get off on holiday soon. Mary F x

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