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Shortest Day Yay!!

I don't know about anyone else but for me reaching the shortest day is such a psychological boost!! I hate the dark evening with a vengeance so just mentally knowing that evenings are getting lighter (so the summer is coming) is such a lift.

I really wish the clocks did not go back, I know it means darker mornings but then I am not a morning person so it does not affect me so much. My biological clock seems to like evenings rather than mornings and I feel so much better when its light and bright.

So roll on tomorrow and I can put this years horrible dark evenings behind me and look forward to the lighter ones. It makes you feel better I think!!

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I know exactly what you mean.

Over the last few years I've really dreaded winter, apparently I have Reynauds (although I've never been tested for it, it was one of them hunch diagnosis' that I tend to get from the doctors lol) so winter now really hits me, where I used to look forward to winter and the pike and cod fishing that come with it, and playing with my kids in the snow when it turns up, its now been transformed into a time when I end up trapped in the house for days on end feeling rough, so reaching the half way point is a major psychological boost to me : )


Yep know what you mean : (

I hate the dark evenings as I have to make sure if I'm out or busy I'm back in time/finished, so I can put away any pets that are outside in the run before it gets dark......

I'm pretty sure I've secured it all from foxes...but I wouldn't like to risk it.

I have reynauds too.

My joints hurt more in the cold & I find it a struggle to do more when it's like this...just want to stay in bed!!

I love being outside......wether in the garden, with the pets or going out somewhere & enjoying the warmth of the sun!!

Thats it...I'm turning my heating up now!!!!


may have been the shortest day for you, I have just been through the longest day


ooh err!! That sounds ominous......anything we can do to help?


Umm this makes sense, I no longer "enjoy" driving at night especially when raining, I just want to go home!



have to say ditto, roll on spring n summer! I have to be careful in sun, but love light nights and warm feet n hands. My winter long chest infection will go away too!!

All good!!

Take care gentle hugs love sheena xxxxxxxx :-) :-) :-)


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