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Clopidogrel and Warfarin

Is anyone else with APS taking both following a stroke? Warfarin Clinic said it was ok to continue with Clopidogrel until INR got to over 2. It just went to 3.1 from 1.9 and coincidentally I''ve run out of Clopidogrel. Feel sort of like I am flying without a safety net without it but everyone seems to think Warfarin alone is enough. Any advice as to whether I should get some more Clopidogrel or not?

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Warfarin and Clopidogrel work in different ways, that is the first thing to know - one affecting the rate of clotting, the other affects the platelets, although I do not understand necessarily the difference. I too was taking both, my INR range then was 2 - 3 (I understand clopidogrel does not affect INR) but I may be wrong. When doctors had suspected I had a mini stroke a month or so ago they considered putting me back on clopidogrel but my INR range is now 3 - 4 with the preference being on the upper side of that - the overall decision was they would leave clopidogrel for now due to the extra potential for a bleed ...... I would not stop a drug with out checking with your specialist first - it really isn't worth risking any further problems. why not give your neurologist or the specialist who prescribed clopidogrel in the first place to be sure.


Hi Lesley

Thanks for this. The stroke consultant who prescribed it was ok about me coming off it when on Warfarin for the reason you explain above about their different properties but I wasn't happy to do so until INR high enough. Also have issue that they are only aiming for 2.5 which I know is a bit low after a stroke from APS. I think I will get a refill for the Clopidogrel and continue with it until I can talk to the Rheumatologist the stroke consultant referred me to before he left the Trust. That appointment is 18th so not long to wait!




Hi Salty, what is lovenox, is it a heparin? Thanks Elaine


Lovenox is a LMW Heparin. It is also called Xaparin and Clexane.


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