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Enlarged spleen connected to APS?

Hello,I have APS and Factor V leiden . At a recent sonogram appt.for kidney stones the technician commented I had a bit of a large spleen at 15.6cm. She asked if i had any blood disorders. I told her my conditions and she said thats probably it but i couldnt find much info linking the two. Just curious if anyone had a similar issue,how big their spleen was and what course of action was taken? Im wondering if lowering my dosage would help.

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Have been fighting with doctors for 18 months with bruising /pain/pain/ over left lower abdomen, left neck pain/thyroid history, as well as kidney/gallstones,then mid last year so many flus/Sjogrens for years, and children I tutored were ill too. Diagnosed 2010 definite APS by London- clinically with severe cardiovascular events for many years. Change in doctors, and left after requesting test for glandular fever. That doc left, and nothing investigated, though test was definitive. Ill again with severe fflu this week, another new doc-all privately, Waiting for haematology/oncology appointment. My research shows with glandular fever the spleen can be affected. See Talking About Lupus by Triona Holden and Prof Hughes, ps 48, 143. 57. See also in The Lupus Book by Wallace 2000 ps 156-67, How is the Spleen Involved ?

Hope this helps, as my Aussie docs can't cope yet.


This is exactly why a sonogram technician should not comment while the patient is in the room except to direct them in the process of taking the test. THEY ARE NOT RADIOLOGISTS AND ARE NOT QUALIFIED TO COMMENT ON YOUR CASE. ONLY A RADIOLOGIST SHOULD BE READING YOUR SONOGRAM AND THE RADIOLOGIST OR YOUR GP SHOULD BE EXPLAINING WHAT IT MEANS TO YOUR CASE. My advice to you is to ignore whatever comment he/she made and ask for an explanation from the doctors educated to know. Also, I wouldn't ask the tech any pertinent questions because she is not educated to interpret what it means to your case. Ask the doctors. It's their job to know and explain.

Warm wishes,



I agree in the future I wont ask but the doc said they usually kinda know because theve seen so many of these. He did confirm though that it is a little large at 15.6


I agree with canary, they can say that your spleen is a little large but the cause could be for a number of reasons and it is not their job to speculate the reasons why. It was irresponsible for them to say anything knowing that you would go away and then worry which is just the reason that Canary states that they are not supposed to comment. Please talk to your Doctor and get them to explain to you the results of the sonogram and ask them to tell you why your spleen is enlarged so that you understand. Please let us know how you get on. x


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