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Still in meltdown

Thanks to everyone who replied to my message last week, or whenever I posted it! First time I have felt up to posting again.There seems to be no easy answer. I saw my GP again on Friday and he agreed with me that I am not depressed but the fatigue is getting worse. He has suggested trying CBT and my son's psychologist girlfriend thinks it is worth a try so may give it a go. Now trying beta blockers to help with the headaches. My elderly dad who used to suffer migraines has been on them for 20 yrs and hasn't had a single headache since! Going back to see GP in two or three weeks time to discuss having another steroid injection which has helped a lot in the past, especially with the viral symptoms which fortunately have been a bit better. Probably exacerbated by smell of glue, paint etc from work being done on the house which

Having a couple of quiet days today as overdid things at the weekend. It's a beautiful day here so am going to go for a short walk and then come back to my latest audio book.

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Did you have a nice walk & enjoyed your read in the end? :)

I do hope they sort it out for you & give you the right medication needed.

Good luc with it all & keep us posted xx


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