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What's happening next week?

Can you help me, I have a hospital appt next week Wednesday but I am sure that I have read that something is happening on Tuesday 26th in the evening at the hospital. Can't REMEMBER PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So sorry I have just read this and it makes no sense to me and I wrote it.

I have a hospital appt at St Thomas next Wednesday 27th Feb and I am sure that I read on this site that there is a talk or afternoon conference happening on Tuesday 26th February. at St Thomas's

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Hi there is something written about a date in feb meeting I think

Look at blog and the community Hughes syndrome blog which is just below xx


Is this what you were thinking about?



The London support group is meeting on Thursday 28th February from 5pm at the Riverside Lounge at St Thomas'. This is an informal group and there won't be any lectures or talks - it's patients getting together to discuss any issues. It's run by Ann Sumra - please contact her on


Thanks daisyd, APsnotFab and KatieH,


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