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Hi all hope you're all doing ok:

Hi, I've not been around much. Lots going on both home and work.

Work very busy and constantly having to prove i can do my job. Plus side consultants t work now requesting APS bloods on our young patients. Must finally heard me keep nagging.

Home life challenging, 11 yr old son well and truellly testing boundaries, 8 yr old son pushing to see what happens, husband accussed me of having an affair (as if i have time or energy).

Seen vascular surgeon who has done tests, says multiple micro clots in legs causing flow reduction and swelling, so now grade 2 compression stockings (very attractive).

See respiratory in 2 weeks and have St Thomas's this Thursday.

INR stable at 4.5.

Memory and vision difficut on occassions and balance issues.

Can not do drug round at work gives me a splitting headache and balance problem,luckly not part of my role at work.Take care all xxxx

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Thanks for checking in. Your hubby must at least fancy you enough to think somebody else would!!!! I doubt mine would even notice!!

Great news about the APS bloods...well done you :-)

Good Luck with you appointments. let us know how you get on. xx


Hi there, thanks for this, and you sound very busy, Good news about the blood tests, it all helps push things along in the right direction. Keep as well as you can. Mary F x


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