London Support Group Meeting For February

London Support Group Meeting For February

This is just a gentle reminder for all those that attend or would like to go along to meet everyone at the London HSF Support Group meeting this month. It will be on Feb 28th, Riverside Lounge, Ground Floor St Thomas Hospital from 5pm till 7pm.

Im hoping to attend and hope as many of you that can manage it can pop along too as all are very welcome. :-D

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  • I would need to get some time off work to travel up from the south coast. Will see what i can do.

  • Thanks for letting me know, I will try and get there.

  • Sorry, I am working in Canterbury that day so won't be able to get to London in time.

  • Sorry I live in Folkestone on the coast and can't get up there shame thou x

  • wish i could be there, live in the united states , to far to travel but have learned so much from this extremely valuable website. wish you all the best.

  • Right! Have requested a half day's leave and hope it gets approved. If i leave by 2pm i should be ablebto make it. :)

  • Would dearly love to come but doubt that I could make it at the moment. Will be very interested to hear what might be said of course.

  • I would like to come but I just don't come up to St Thomas's Hospital anymore since being discharged and referred back to my local hospital last year!! :-(

  • Suzanne i have been discharged by St T but will still go if my boss approves my leave request. It's a busy week at work next week bit if i can be there, i will! :)

  • I would really like to come along as i do not know anyone near me who has APS sjrogens or lupus and it would be nice to chat to others

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