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For The Seronegative Amongst Us!!

For those of us who have difficulty with sceptical Doctors who dont want to treat us for APS despite having all the clinical manifestations of the disease, here is a paper you might want to print out and give to them which may justify treatment.

It may just SN-AP(s) them into action.......sorry I just could not resist that! :-D I quite like that word and from now on Im going to be known proudly as a SNAPPER!!!

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Thanks. MaryF x


Thank you! :)


Many thanks for this, As far as I'm concerned, I must be a Snapper, as my symptoms fit, minus the test results.


Thank you!

From a fellow SN-APS! :-)


thankyou will copy this and show my hemo as i am being tested again in a few mouths as i hv been sn-aps for 2yrs now and my hemo will not say i hv aps but rumo said i do on clinical grounds, its like going around in circles but need a diagnosis .the symptoms dont seem understood by the people who are suposed to help so thanks again from a fellow sn.....aps xxxx


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