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Splinter Hemmorhages

I was wondering if anyone else gets splinter hemmorhages underneath their fingernail and/or toenails? Mine come and go and I am concerned as to why they are appearing.

My hemotologist (who has not picked up on the extent of what APS can do), was concerned about endocarditis and had me do a cardiac ultrasound, which came back negative. They were looking for what is called "vegetation" and found nothing. I think their focus was on the valves in the heart.

So my hemotologist didn't have much of an answer as to why I keep getting them. At the time, my INR seemed consistent to him so he wasn't concerned.

Does anyone else out there know other ways these things might develop?

I am really worried because, as I know, splinter hemmorhages are clots that have settled out in the nail beds. My reasoning tells me that they could be settling out elsewhere in my body as well!! That's unerving and makes me concerned I could be experiencing damage I am not aware of.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much folks!

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Although not officially diagnosed yet (I'm still waiting for my appointment to come through for St S's) I've had them for the last 3 years or so, mainly in my finger nailbeds, and its something that I mentioned on another forum and a couple of the very helpful members told me to take a look at APS over (along with the other symptoms I had mentioned) so my guess is its fairly common.

Mine tend to turn up in clusters, I'll have an "episode" and they will appear within a few days, then once they've grown out their gone until the next flare up.

I know what you mean about unerving, they worry me as well, and for the same reasons, I've told 2 different GP's about them, one said they can occur for no reason (I doubt that bit of advice!) and the other stated "your bodies just doing weird things right now, dont worry about them" (again thats one bit of advice I'm not inclined to listen too).

I delayed posting as I cant be a lot of help with my reply, but hopefully someone who knows a bit more will be along shortly with some good advice,


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I do know of a patient in her sixties who was diagnosed due to an extremely sharp doctor noticing splinter hemmorhage in her fingernails. It's probably one of the least typical symptoms but is obviously connected with APS.

I am writing the new copy for the updated website (a labour of love that's going to take months) but will research about this nail symptoms and either give it a section heading of its own or include under Skin. Once I've done that i will share what I've found. All my copy is approved by the team at St Thomas', most notably the lead clinician Dr David D'Cruz.


I know this post is a few years old but noticed these little purple/black vertical lines on the ends of a number of nails not really noticed them before. I have Lupus and APS and would like to know more about what they mean. Thanks


I think the opening post above is pretty descriptive, if you suspect splinter hemorrhages, one of the slightly more unusual manifestations of Hughes Syndrome/APS. I do suggest you show this to your GP and or consultant, and if it comes and goes, take a photograph for your files.. We all know how it is to go to the doctor to show them something which disappears just before the appointment! MaryF x

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Thanks MaryF for reply, I have taken some pics in case they disappear before my appointment.


That's the spirit, and for your interest! There is mention in this article. emedicine.medscape.com/arti...

MaryF x


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