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Travel insurance

I'm normally quite a relaxed person but want to advise people of the hassle I'm having trying to get a really straight forward claim paid on my travel insurance from last July. I lost my ring, not an expensive ring it cost £80 and we damaged the iPad. I've had confirmation from the hotel that they couldn't find it, confirmation from the travel company I booked with. We've given up on the iPad as they won't even look at the claim unless I take it to an apple shop (the nearest one is Sheffield, and given that some days it's a struggle to get up I don't really want to spend half a day and the expense of travelling).

Since being diagnosed I have used Get My Travel for holiday insurance and I estimate that I have paid them at least £700 in the last four years. I have never claimed anything until this attempt. I am so frustrated and hugely disappointed with them but it has made me think that it's a good job I never fell ill whilst away as I don't think I would have been looked after at all. It really is "a computer says no company", the questions are ridiculous they want me to jump through hoops, which is their way of getting out of not paying.

I am going away in February does anyone have an insurance company they can recommend please and not wanting to influence who people insure with but my experience is exceptionally poor. In my opinion Get My are only interested in taking your premium.


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Hi Annie

Hope you enjoy your holiday in February,

The best answer to your question I think is to put insurance into the top right search area

Good luck Karen xx


Hi Annie - If you contact Kate at HSF she will give you the details of the Travel Insurance article due to go onto the new website but needs to be emailed. It lists all the companies with their contact numbers. Also if you use the tags or search on here there is a thread where people recommended their companies last year.

Good Luck and have a lovely holiday. x


Thank you


Havea look at the polls area we did one on insurance and people suggested a few.


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