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Latest Poll: Are you Right or Left Handed.... or Ambidextrous?

Not really a question, but I found it interesting that out of the 60 respondents there are 18 percent who are left handed and 13 percent ambidextrous. In the general population 10 percent is left handed and just 3 percent ambidextrous! Interesting statistics.

Now, for any who have suffered stroke, or other neurological deficit, becoming ambidextrous may be a way of coping. However, that does not answer the large difference of the left handed group.

When I first became ill was sent for a number of neurological tests, and this was not APS per se, and they were very interested in the fact that I was left handed/ambidextrous (tend left handed but can also be quite ambidextrous).

Don't know what it all means, but it may mean something and perhaps this should be brought to Prof. Hughes attention? If for nothing else, future study??

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Right handed


Sometimes the pye charts for the smaller percentages are not very accurate it will be clearer when we have more votes but it looks like the majority are right handed at the moment. I also think you should vote your natural handedness ( made up a word there lol) rather than what you may have become due to disability.


Right handed. I'm not ambidextrous but I polish and dust with my left hand


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