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So pleased I'm not alone!

So pleased to hear I'm not the only one who has problems with shopping. Going to stick with local shops until after Christmas and then try the supermarket again. In the meantime hubby is going to go, but he is going to check the list first. Put tea bags on last list and turned out we had four boxes but he had to go out for washing powder!


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Good for you and some festive cheer added in. Mary F x


I know exactly what you mean. My hubby calls me mrs double up! Ive so much pasta i could feed half of italy. I do have my stock shopping list in my remember book, but go through my cupboards and fridge every week while doing my list. My hubby has organised the kitchen so it's easier for me to work my way round when doing my list. Trouble I have is him throwing all sorts in the trolley as he now takes me shopping.


it's a hard thing, isn't it, giving up doing the weekly shop after so many years. My husband and I get on really well and have been married for donkeys' years, but I remember being in tears and shouting at him (while people carefully edged round us). through sheer frustration! Trouble is, I can't work out the best deals or even open those blasted plastic bags and I am so slow! I have now come to terms with it, but still like to go with him if I can as I like to feel that I'm having some input into the process. It's a matter of self esteem isn't it?



I think you have hit the nail on the head Stella, it is about being part of the process, how ever small. Last week my dietician told me to start doing the shopping on line as she thought that would be better for me. Well it probably would but that would then take away something that we did together and an opportunity for me to go out - and those are getting smaller and smaller and mostly seem to be medical appointments these days too!! So whilst I take on board her advice and may well do it online sometimes, I will still want to go out and laboriously work my way round with my new found bus of a trolly, stuffing it full of all the wrong things probably!!


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