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Inr & flu jab....part 2!

I havn't managed to get through to the docs at St. Thomas' yet to ask about agreeing with my doc' to keep my inr to 3 - 3.5 , so he doesn't have to worry about it

But as you know my last inr test on Tuesday was now still only 2.1 !!

I am very slow with thinking/talking & when at photoclub tonight I noticed some of my right finger tips were blackish! & my right foot felt like a block of ice .

When came home hubby checked my foot & he agreed it was freezing but not the left one.

I also had my flu jab (left arm) done on Tuesday, so far I don't think I've had any symptoms from it.....but all day my right shoulder & arm has felt like I've been banged/bruised or pushed into hard my left arm & shoulder a little but bearable. It seems to be getting worse as the night is going on & going into my neck.

Do any of you get these symptoms I'm asuming its all because of the inr being low......but not sure

Think I'll get myself to bed, nite all xx

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Hi suzy,

flu jab left my arm sore achy, shoulder and neck too. Swelling around injection site. Most of this settled after about a week.

Keep trying with tommies hon, took me ages get through too.

Hope feelin better soon.

Take care, gentle hugs sheena xxxxx :-) :-) :-)


I had swollen and hot arm too, actually both cos I had pneumonia in the other one. Lasted a few days and GP said to take paracetamol which did take the edge off.

Did not effect my INR so could be coincidental.

Def would call tommies about that finger.....and get the Uggs or Celtic Sheepskin out to keep your feet warm!! Does it every time for me.


Hi Sue never had the flu jab i always reacted badly to it so cannot help in question but can say am here for you if need me and go get checked by tommies anything that goes that colour is not good

chin up



hi all,

I'm still not great, struggling quite bad at times can't think straight just to do one thing at a time...but I know you understand that

Feeding pets earlier & wobbled/off balanced & fell into run doorway (which is already broke) but managed to stop myself before falling completely on the floor also as I was getting up from sofa earier son came to me to say he was going, as he came to hug me bye it made me go off balance & I fell back onto the sofa it was as if he came from no-where, but he hadn' was just my reactions were too slow to keep up ....make any sense

I wanted to see a doc' but just don't see the point as they don't understand or know enough about Hughes to listen to what I need to be done ( thin blood a little quicker to what they are!!)

I have inr test lets see what it is now

my right side is still freezing cold & mini blackouts too but fingers have stopped going black, feel like head is being crushed, very dizzy & so tired, no concentration, it took me forever to write this on the other Hughes site! ,... so I copied & pasted it tp put on here :(

Hugs to you all xxxx


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