Do you ever get a feeling in your chest like there is warm water rushing through it?

Before I was on Warfarin, one of my odd symptoms was that I would get this feeling that would last about 20-40 seconds, and it felt like there was warm water rushing through my chest. I have not had this feeling since I started Warfarin, and now I'm wondering if it is related to blood backing up and then "letting loose," or something along those lines. Anyone have this experience?

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  • I'm afraid I can't answer your question - sorry! But I get the exact same sensation in my head and have done for years. Sometimes I could even describe it as though the blood in my head is starting to boil. I too take anticoagulants but still experience this weird sensation. I will be very interested to see the answers from anyone on this subject. Good luck xxx

  • Hello

    I get both these feelings like my head inside is in fire and then the same feeling in chest, but no explanation when I have asked the medical professionals - only when I mentioned that I feel so cold and goosebumpy and also in my head too but was told that it is the part where the TIA took place and the temperature gauge has been damaged.

    I thought I was the only one having these heat problems.

  • I get a similar feeling in my head. I call it a "squeezie," because it feels like someone is LITERALLY squeezing my brain for a few moments.

    This feeling is different, though. It is a very warm, rushing feeling in my chest. I suspect it is blood flow, but I'm not sure.

  • I have been told it is to do with vasomotor centres and the way that these may have been disturbed due either to damage from my last stroke or continuing problems with circulation in parts of the brain (one of the reasons I had my scans).

    Vasomotor problems sound like the same issue with you too but as yet Im not sure what to do about it - perhaps I'll know more next week.

  • Please keep us posted. I'm very curious! Thanks!

  • I had a similar feeling but of coldness. I have read that hughes also is called "cold blood syndrome".It lasted about 30-40 seconds. When I started warfarin it disappeared completely. Never again. I had it about a couple of times each week. I am swedish so I hope you understand my english. I am 68 years.

    It was like all my body had cold water slowly rushing through the body. I have had very high blood pressure the last years and a too high pullmonary pressure. I have had TIA and nothing has showed up on MRI. But most of my neurological symptoms disappeared with warfarin 1,5 years ago.

  •'re English is very, very good. I would not have know that English isn't your first language if you hadn't said so!

    Your experience is interesting. My symptoms disappeared when I started Warfarin, also.

    I am amazed at how little information is available about this life-changing condition! We know more than the doctors do.

  • The docter can't tell you any thing I have this tightness in my chest wall its like a rubber ban that's feels like some body pulling it to they can't any more I had MRI every thing no docter can tell me why

  • Have you had a diagnose of APS? Have you done the bloodtests for APS?

    If you may have APS it is very important that you talk to a Specialist of APS as so very few doctors understand what we talk of when we have APS. I have had MRIs and nothing shows up as we very often have tiny clots, microembolies, not seen on an MRI-

    We need anticoagulation for our sticky blood!!

    Best wishes to you from Kerstin in Stockholm

  • Thank you for the compliments of my English. Lure is the name of my eldest daughters dog. My English has been improved by reading this wonderful books by Kay Thackray (2 of them at least about APS). I know no one in Stockholm who have APS. I can speak to my doctors in the hospital of course..

    Hope your blood pressure i ok because I think the cold or warm you speak of is as you mention blood backing up. I think we have micro clots in the brain but also same of us have micro clots in our lungs leading to high blood preassure and pulmonary hypertension.

    Very nice talking to you. Take care.

  • I am so shocked. I have had these symptoms in my chest before. I called them rushes. Because it felt like blood rushing through my chest and into my brain. I didn't put it together, but mine also stopped when I started warfrin a few years ago. Not one doctor here has related this to my aps. I have had several mini strokes and one regular stroke. I hope to not have any more. I had the reg stroke when I was taken off warfrin and heparin for surgery and had it during that. It was horrible. It alsmot killed me. I was on life support for nearly a month. It is 5 years later now and I still am struggling with some of the left overs from that event. Good luck to everyone. By the way, my surgery was for gastric bypass. Do I recommened it? Not if you have APS. My doctors all said no problem to have it done. My doctors here know nothing. Now they ALL say to never have surgery again. Linda, in Salem Oregon USA

  • That is very scary! I had gastric bypass, as well, but I had it BEFORE my APS surfaced. It was also 5 years ago (March 2008)! APS didn't rear its ugly head until I had a hysterectomy and bladder sling almost 3 years ago (March 2011). (I have suspicions that the mesh from the sling is what kicked my immune system into overdrive and brought my predisposition for APS out.) At any rate, no more surgeries for me, either! I am happy as a clam to just take my Warfarin and enjoy life in the moment every day now. Tomorrow is not promised to any of us!

    Michelle in CA (USA)

  • I dont get these sensations in the head or chest but since falling pregnant and swapping on to clexane,i get a hot sensation across my shoulders and neck. Its as though im sat up against a hot radiator.. Very strange feeling xx

  • Hi Kate I get this in my lower back - as if Im sitting in the heated seats of my car! I asked Prof Hughes about it yesterday but I got no answers as Im being referred to a autonomic CNS specialist.

  • Yes I got a warm feeing in my chest from no where never had that feeling before any body every had this befor I would like to no what happen

  • Im have just recently started having the exact same symptoms. Making an appointment with doc asap. Will keep you posted

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