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Hey guys, recently my jaw has paralysed to the left side of my face and I had to pay over £200.00 for the dentist to put it back on it's right place. It took him five minutes to fix my face and he gave me excellent news (not to say otherwise)... I have degeneration of the jaw articulation (DTM) and to make story shorter, he gave me a prescription to take artoliv (glucosamine sulphate)... Has anyone has Dtm and was prescribed with this drug? My rheum hasn't pronounced even though I have spoken to him about it... I am at a loss in this matter :S

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I have arthritis and after 3 hip operations and a hip replacement I asked my orthopaedic surgeon about glucosamine sulphate. His laconic answer was “Nope, but maybe if you had started 20 years ago...” (I am 48 years old). The impression I have after talking to rheumatologist, surgeon and others are that you need to start early, before the damage is too severe. And even then it might not work much, only perhaps slow down the process a bit. It doesn’t harm you to take it, but perhaps you shouldn’t wait for a miracle...but keep asking around for opinions, no need to pay for expensive medication if they don’t help you in any way. Take care.


My jaw went completely out of alignment a few weeks back and my osteopath fixed it ... a lot cheaper than a dentist so might be worth asking and osteopath if they can help.


Hi yes I too have been told a few years back I have DTM they told me I could have an opperation but it sounded so horrid I didn't want it!!

I also have degenerative disc disorder (bottom of spine)

I do hope it has settled for you now?

I am going to mention the artoliv to the dietician when I see him next month....interestingm

Good luck with it alll xx


I googled artoliv since I am I familiar with this name but all the search engines I used knew I really wante d to know about some products for cars called " artoliv.". Here in the States we have a supplement called " Osteobiflex" which does have a small bit of data that suggests it helps with osteoarthritis. I take Osteobiflex, but like many arthritis remedies, I have no idea if it is helping that much. There are so many variables . . I had a trial period when I cut down on the doseage, but then my hip pain came roaring back so I went back to the recommended 2 a day. But concurrent with the pain's return were a couple of cold fronts moving in, and major caregiver challenges regarding my Mother and her nursing home's refusal to treat her reasonable, common ailments. So, was it the Osteobiflex reduction? The change in weather? Or the stress? Or all of the above?


I think that you will find that the products for cars is 'Autolive'. Airbags, seat tensioners etc.


Did your dentist give you any exercises to do ? Normally they tell you to eat soft food and chew it well so that you exercise the jaw but without using any undue pressure.


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