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Did anyone watch Food Hospital on Channel 4?

There was a couple of segments that interested me, one on Celiac Disease and the other on Quercetin as it was being billed on the programme as something that could prevent blood clots.

On watching the program the angle they were pushing was that it was found in onions (mainly red onions). They mentioned that Prof Jon Gibbons from the University of Reading was doing research in the prevention of blood clots so my ears pricked up. He talked about the fact that some people were allergic to aspirin so they were interested in other aspects of prevention using diet and life style. As the piece started they explained about blood make-up and how it forms clots, I could have been forgiven for thinking they were describing APS. When they then went on to say that this Prof thinks that Quercetin could replace Aspirin in preventing those clots I really became interested.

They then filmed a Prof Julie Lovegrove who ran a trial on some volunteers with some Quercetin rich onions which they made into a soup and they found that it did have an effect of reducing their blood clotting ability.

On the Channel 4 Food Hospital website however the information on Quercetin paints a different picture to the programme which never once mentioned whats on the website. It talks about a different study done by a different Prof in a different University....weird! It concludes by stating:

"Researchers concluded that, at concentrations that might be seen in the body, both quercetin and its metabolites reduce the activity of important molecules involved in the early stages of atherosclerosis."

Hmmmm........isn't that something completely different to clotting blood? Talk about making good TV! Anyway here is the link to the Channel 4 website and I believe you can watch the programme on Channel 4 catchup soon.

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Checked TV schedule and his programme is repeated tonight (Thursday 11 October) on 4SEVEN, (Sky140, Virgin195, Freeview, F'SAT127), at 8pm.


Oops! That should read FREEVIEW47.


Hi there I watched it... and could probably watch again on 4oD or whatever it is... I must say i eat red onions every day nearly either lightly cooked or raw in salads.. love them! Mary F x


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